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Abril / April – 2019

I beg your indulgence as – some images, and videos, may take a moment to become fully visible.
Best Wishes, to whomsoever should come upon this post.




(Red Carnations – By Pomar, image via FB – courtesy of the Júlio Pomar Foundation)




(Psalm: John Coltrane – Fouth movement from ‘A Love Supreme’)





(Ella Fitzgerald, born April 25th – singing April in Paris, via Jazz Corner | FB page)








LINK –  





LINK – 25A40 – O som do cravo | Um concerto em três tempos.





(Bach – choral from – St Mathew Passion | BWV 244 , Harnoncourt – Arnold Schoenberg Chor, Concentus Musicus Wein, Wiener Sangerknaben)



(Bach – Final chorale – St John Passion ”Herr, unser herrscher” (chorus) | Gardener, Monteverdi Choir, The English Baroque Soloists)



(Megaloschemos II | Bulgarian Orthodox Hymn)







(Os vampiros – Zeca Afonso)

(Cantigas do Maio – Zeca Afonso)






(Georges Moustaki – Ma Liberté)

(Zeca Afonso – Redondo Vocàbulo)


Poster - 25th April '74 | Cartaz : O menino do Cravo - fotografia de Sergio Guimarães






(and still, because it is April 25th, and Thursday)


(Tarkovsky Quartet – Nuit blanche)



(Harmónicos – Jorge Peixinho)








(Acordai – Lopes Graça | Lisboa Cantat)











Zeca Afonso – a voice from the past that speaks to the future

.. e acabo de me lembrar que há 24 anos desapareceu-nos, deixou-nos fisicamente..

Zeca Afonso..

– uma pureza (de)em espirito, (de)em pessoa.

“The Sands of Time” ( fotografia, G. Almeida)



Zeca Afonso (2 August 1929 – 23 February 1987)

The Crowd

Time’s sands erode the outer casing
A constant change in aerodynamic stucture as one desintegrates
(and reintegrates)
swimming to the shore of Memory.

There I find:

recollective lines of oblivion that sweep some of the grains
belonging to Mnemosyne.
Each an image, a shade, a fragrance.. a hussssssssssh..

After each wave wipes away the markings of Time only those deepest remain.
The essence of Being that shall always “Be”
as I carry each remnant grain in my very small
and utterly deep pocket.

An inner landscape that bears only some faces.
Shocked by the absence of some, unaware of the presence of others.
I hadn’t even realized you’d left,

A crowd,
a compost of Thought, Ouvre and Time.
A multiple,
a multitude of different “Yous”

I could be a different you for you are no longer.
but in truth –
I am another.

I am that which has always been, that which is
– and forever shall be..
all others.

Maria MFA Costa