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Há sempre quem de forma notável e especial nos toca, faz vibrar a alma..
afinidades que ultrapassam aquilo que é o explicável ou o tangível .
Sempre foi o que senti em relação a Sam Rivers.


Não, não é devido ao seu enorme talento musical ou o timbre que sempre me deliciou,
nem das vezes que ouvi o som da pueza sábia das crianças e respectiva alegria na sua voz.
É mais profundo que isso.


Custa mas o que me resta dizer é que agradeço……………………
Agradeço o que nos deu e …………………….




There are artists that touch us in such a  profound manner.
This has always been the case with me since first I first heard his “recorded” musical presence in the mythical recording “Conference of the Birds” ages ago.
The times I was fortunate enough to bear witness to his poetic sound “LIVE” and to be in his presence are engraved in my mind.
Moments that nothing nor no man can take from me..


Thank you lord for Sam Rivers.




(September 25, 1923 – December 26, 2011)




















 Mr. Rollins


To my small Hearth His fire came

(by Emily Dickinson)

To my small Hearth His fire came—
And all my House aglow
Did fan and rock, with sudden light—
‘Twas Sunrise—’twas the Sky—

Impanelled from no Summer brief—
With limit of Decay—
‘Twas Noon—without the News of Night—
Nay, Nature, it was Day—

The mighy Sonny Rollins turns 81 today: Happy Birthday Mr. Rollins

(Hoje faz 81 anos Sonny Rollins)