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(The Winding Way)

part one of two

part two of two

Kafka    (2005  tintas acrílicas s/tela )






some paths are embued in the sweet fragance of Life’s vigour

others seem to be misconstructions

from the kidnapped souls of bartered inexistence


measured resilience

(is an involuntary witness)

– as one stretches beyond elastic limits                                                                   (. )

( , )

–  life, lost over anguish, hunger, dillusion                                                               (as)


– time                                                                                                                      (, )
traveled by an electric array of fractal movement through space                           (, )
helplessly implodes into reality.

What of it?

 To lose so much pain on the misery of others

to live

to barely breathe
through Futility’s nostrils
in tiny fotons of gasps
quantumly taken
from the alleged angel of light

how sad

       how truly
and utterly



Why doesn’t the certainty of an ardently awaiting crowd of maggots

in that proverbial hole in the ground bring forth a will:

– for perception?

– to fathom?

– to be?

– ?

How many faraos?

How many?

How many does it take to see:

– a box full of void?

– death
or its decoy?

Under what firmament will – 
How long before – 

the lifeless celuloide of a thousand broken dreams
of others
for the gain of a mindless mimick of Man

mirror(s) the decay?

What profit is there                                                                                                                        (?)
– to happily wallow in  the shame of an inane existance                                                  (?)
tightly wound,  speeding swiftly and directly into a luke cold state of nothing    (?)

(to be dust under the feet of strangers… )



I may be gone for a while thus I wish to leave something that always puts smiles all over my insides.

Wishing all a happy remainder of summer.

(take care)

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