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No Prancing For Ponies..

As all-seeing, all-hearing Helios takes his “fire-darting steeds” deep into Oceanus’s open arms, in our slumber, we question not his return.
The firmament revealeth its fiery gems and we seek its worth, not wondering how to travel distance and time, through slumber, and awaken unto another day.
We sit and breathe in each heavenly body, innocent of it’s age , its journey , its permanence or demise, and linger on into the night.
The moon rabbit feeds the horses 
–  hoping to go unnoticed,
they loose their wings,
scurry off into a tour bus, but
are caught.
And thus we are returnéd unto another segment of that plotted path, within a macro geography of Time and Space, unaware of such escapades.
Helios is quite strict in running operations – no prancing for ponies (yet).



(© originally published elsewhere, January 25 – 2018, shortly after midnight)

Helius the Sun - detail on a red figure style crater-vase

















photo credits: DREA (













  • I did not take either photograph.  For photo credits, please click on each picture
    (if the images do not open to a separate linked page, here are the photo credits for both:
    1 – Helius the Sun | photo source :
    2 – photo credits: DREA (
    – Red Eagle Appaloosa