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Police Brutality – an evil so pernicious, injurious, ruinous, hurtful, fatal, deadly, hurtful




Be they authorities?
I was indeed fortunate to, among other factors that could perhaps favour me, brought up in a place where one of the people you could turn to if you were lost, had lost someone, didn’t know the time or simply needed directions to reach any given place, was such an ”authority”.   At that time, as I grew-up, it was sometimes easier or wiser to find a constable on the street to ask such things.   In a time where society seemed to already have become somewhat unhinged due to a neighbouring country having so many conscripted to go off to places outside their land to partake in horrendous warship, children began to not have such a safe haven to go out and ”trick-or-treat” on Halloween, for example.  Apples could on occasion contain razor-blades, for instance.   Hitch-hikers and drivers alike began to be at risk as they hadn’t before (a sign of illness in society.. No actually of added illness, especially when looking south of that border where it was never very healthy in terms of racial violence, for instance. Well, in truth, both sides had been hurtful in terms of the First Nations’ societies…  Back to the matter at hand, and ”authorities”.. ).

But at that time many could still sleep with unlocked doors, and cars weren’t kept locked in the driveway.  This seems so long ago, though it wasn’t.  There was no need for a dictatorship – for example – as an excuse for a more wholesome society, though the fraying of Human values was already rampantly visible, in certain aspects, but, lands ruled over by fear (places ruled by the hard hand of dictators) were not spared either (and the results thereof, are an evil of its own).

It is a difficult task to think of the land south of the border and not think of violence, and lack of fairness on so many accounts. The death penalties, in places that maintained such a thing, other than not solving anything but rather adding to death tolls and treachery, were the places where it was always more violent and maintained the highest crime rates.
Never the opposite.
Its difficult to fathom that any  person (even if minimally intelligent ) could entertain even for a minute that any serial killer or psychopath could be deterred in the slightest by there being such a penalty.   Such a person will kill no matter what penalties exist.
This is a known fact.
Cold blooded killing, murder, maiming, are a horrible thing.  Perhaps the psychopath and the serial killer, not capable of recognizing bounds, doesn’t think it is. (If they did, they wouldn’t be psychopaths or serial killers, now would they?).
So, let us look at such an ailed mindset – one that knows no bounds, – and now let us add a police badge to a person of such inclinations and call him of her an ”authority”.

A person of the inclinations mentioned in the prior paragraph, is an authority on what?
(and an authority, why?)
Let us look closely to those that are employed to uphold ”law and order”.
We need to look closely to those that we empower to be ”authorities”.
My bread-baker is a fairer authority than some.  The bread is expertly baked in a  disciplined fashion, with impeccable method, and he or she distributes it to whomsoever needs it according to their need.  Distributed regardless race, creed, age or gender.  Usually he or she receives monetary compensation for his or her skill, be it given by the person that receives the bread, or someone else, this is true, but, they bake the bread regardless.  I know some may not be good bakers, but I can run from those.
I have no issues with bread-bakers.  Also, bread-bakers aren’t armed. An armed bread-baker, that is a bad baker, can threaten me and force his or her bread upon me (but, I still have the ability to throw away his or her produce. He or she cannot force bread down my throat unless I’m being tortured, and still, even then,  I can fight it .  But, if it gets to the point of suffocation, well…

My arms and legs bound, the weight upon my rib-cage breaking me.. Now let us trade the bread and in its place place a simple knee..
Adapted (2)

‘I Can’t Breathe!
(George Floyd)




There are a number of news articles, and reports, I know I don’t need to bring any.
I’ll only leave one
LINK – one – for the many

I really don’t even know where to begin.



… … …. …

Now I’ll leave a very recent case in the land where I live (with a quick translation of source material).
A brief explanatory note: I am not currently residing in the land where I’d grown-up and become an adult.

LINK – artigo 
« The ”Policia Judiciária” (Judicial Police)  is investigating a larger number of inspectors pertaining to the Foreign / Border Services (SEF), doctors, security guards and nurses in connection with the case of the Ukrainian who had been killed at the Lisbon airport on March 12, after being beaten, ( …)
The Ukrainian was said to have been attacked between 8:15 am and 8:35 am, which had caused him to have several broken ribs, which made breathing difficult.  Death was declared at 6:40 pm.

During the ten hours in which occurred said attacks by the three inspectors, who are being investigated and under house arrest, the Ukrainian was in contact with several people, who did not report the case and had no initiative to help him.
Among the people who will now be investigated by the PJ are security guards of the SEF Temporary Installation Center, where the Ukrainian was attacked, plus two SEF inspectors that had realized the Ukrainian was not well when they tried to have him board a return flight to Turkey, a nurse and two Red Cross rescuers, the INEM doctor who declared the death and two PSP agents who served as escort to the ambulance.

Additionally, the SEF’s delay in informing the competent authorities of the Ukrainian’s death is still being investigated. (..)

A Polícia Judiciária está a investigar mais inspetores do Serviço de Estrangeiros e Fronteiras (SEF), médicos, seguranças e enfermeiros no âmbito do caso do ucraniano que foi morto no aeroporto de Lisboa, no dia 12 de março, depois de ter sido espancado, (…)
o ucraniano terá sido agredido entre as 8h15 e as 8h35, o que lhe terá provocado diversas costelas partidas, que dificultaram a respiração. A morte foi declarada às 18h40.

Durante as dez horas entre as agressões dos três inspetores, que se encontram a ser investigados e em prisão domiciliária, o ucraniano esteve em contacto com diversas pessoas, que não reportaram o caso e não tiveram qualquer iniciativa para o socorrer.

Entre as pessoas que estarão a ser agora investigadas pela PJ estão os seguranças do Centro de Instalação Temporária do SEF, onde o ucraniano foi agredido, mais dois inspetores do SEF, que se aperceberam que o ucraniano não estava bem quando o tentaram reencaminhar para o voo de regresso à Turquia, uma enfermeira e dois socorristas da Cruz Vermelha, o médico do INEM que declarou o óbito e ainda dois agentes da PSP, que escoltaram a ambulância.

Para além disso, está ainda a ser investigada a demora do SEF a informar as autoridades competentes da morte do ucraniano.  (..) »    LINK – artigo


« Ucraniano esteve 15 horas manietado numa sala. Enfermeiro diz que avisou SEF para o levarem ao hospital

O cidadão ucraniano que morreu no SEF do aeroporto esteve 15 horas manietado com fita-cola e algemas. Foi visto assim por enfermeiros, inspectores, chefes. Ficou numa sala, preso, durante horas, com calças pelos joelhos e cheiro a urina.   (…)


The Ukrainian spent 15 hours bound up by tape and hand-cuffed in a room. The Nurse said he had warned SEF to take the man to the hospital

The Ukrainian citizen who had died at the airport’s SEF service spent 15 hours, taped and handcuffed.   He was seen in this state  by nurses, inspectors, chiefs.  He remained in a room, trapped for hours, with pants over his knees and the smelling of urine. (…)
Link – to yet another source

« Ihor Homenyuk foi espancado durante 20 minutos, de acordo com o mandado de detenção.

No Centro de Instalação Temporária do aeroporto de Lisboa onde um cidadão ucraniano terá sido morto por três agentes do SEF estavam menores, segundo avança esta quinta-feira o Público.De acordo com o mandado de detenção, Ihor Homenyuk foi espancado durante 20 minutos, com recurso a murros, pontapés e um bastão.Frases como “isto aqui é para ninguém ver”, “agora ele está sossegado” ou “hoje já nem preciso de ir ao ginásio” foram referidas pelos três inspetores do SEF, acusados de agredir Ihor Homeniuk até à morte.



Ihor Homenyuk was beaten for 20 minutes, according to the arrest warrant.

In the ”Temporary Installation Center” at the Lisbon airport, where a Ukrainian citizen was killed by three SEF agents, there were minors present, according to the ”Público” news service this Thursday.

According to the arrest warrant, Ihor Homenyuk was beaten for 20 minutes, by being punched, kicked and through the use of a baton.

Sentences such as: “this is so nobody  sees”,
“now he is settled down” , or,
“today I don’t even have to go to the gym”
were mentioned by the three SEF inspectors, accused of assaulting Ihor Homeniuk until death. »







These are people employed by society.
To betray the trust, to …

to thus betray, and to the point of – cold blooded crime – in its foulest face, is a so treacherous, so treasonous unto the societies to which said people allegedly serve that yes, it boggles the mind of any person, but more than that – it hurts beyond measure (it hurts us all).


OUTRA VEZ A CENSURA — A Estátua de Sal (One continues to ask: who or what is making Facebook go against international conventions and law? Whomsoever or whatever entity fueling this should be held accountable and if perchance they be leading the network under false pretence, they ought to obviously be held accountable by it as well.)

Estátua de Sal, 24/02/2019 Mais uma vez este blog foi alvo da censura do Facebook. Tudo o que publiquei aqui recentemente e que tinha sido partilhado na minha página do Facebook foi de lá banido sem qualquer explicação cabal, dizem eles porque “não está de acordo com os padrões da Comunidade” Mas, afinal o que […]

via OUTRA VEZ A CENSURA — A Estátua de Sal


(G.A. – One continues to ask: who or what is making Facebook go against international conventions and law? Whomsoever or whatever entity fueling this should be held accountable and if perchance they be leading the network under false pretence, ought to obviously be held accountable by it as well.
Other than being ridiculous when seeing what is censored, it is unlawful conduct.  I have nothing against Facebook, it is a social media platform as are others,  but this seems too  bizarre not to ask.   Was facebook made by citizens from a country that allegedly has in its own Constitution something known to them as their constitutional ”First Amendment”? If so it will be hard to believe that they’d find it strange at all, and naturally expect them to understand its meaning.  Furthermore, unless they be more ignorant of things than the current President of their country, they’d obviously not be surprised that such is also in the Constitutions of other lands, not to mention international conventions – and law.  Who exactly is it that is thus breaking Law and Legality, one asks?   Or are we kept in the dark so as to make it difficult to hold whomsoever or ”whatever” it is, unaccountable?  If this is so, one must never forget that – sooner or later – TIME has a way of uncovering all deeds. Indeed, even if we’re all killed off, there might still be a whale or dolphin left that will point a fin at the culprit. Goodnight)


Venezuela, golpe dello Stato profondo di Manlio Dinucci | in: Rete VOLTAIRE | Roma (Italia) | 29 Gennaio, 2019 (original article idioms: Italiano, Português, Türkçe, Românâ, Español, English, Deutsch, Nederlands, ΕΛΛΗΝΙΚΆ, 中文 )

(Lien  | Ligação directa para o artigo na sua totalidade  |  LINK to full article) :
« L’ART DE LA GUERRE » Venezuela, putsch de l’État profond US par Manlio Dinucci – in: 



Venezuela, putsch de l’État profond US

En définitive, le président Trump s’est aligné sur les ambitions de l’État profond US de destruction du Bassin des Caraïbes. Il a conforté le vice-président Mike Pence et le sénateur Marco Rubio dans leur opération de déstabilisation du Venezuela. Il pourrait aussi soutenir les deux mêmes hommes dans leur projet pour Israël et contre la Syrie.


Venezuela, a putsch by the US deep state

Finally, President Trump has aligned himself with the ambitions of the US deep state for the destruction of the Caribbean Basin. He has confirmed Vice-President Mike Pence and Senator Marco Rubio in their operation to destabilise Venezuela. He may also support the same two men in their project for Israël and against Syria.




Por conter uma reflexão que consideramos interessante e actual, embora meramente sectorial em termos de espectro político, publicamos este texto sobre o populismo/nacionalismo e o choque…


Our Global Condition – Some updates (Artigos recentes, de fontes escolhidas pela fidelidade das mesmas para com os factos, e ligações para mais alguns artigos)| post idioms: EN, FR & PT

A tiny, rather insignificant note regarding this post’s  overall caption:
I was having a hard time chosing a title for this post.  I was going to leave it as *Our Global Predicament*, but, I suppose it makes not much of a difference to use either term, ”condition” or  ”predicament”.  Since I use the latter more often, this time I’ll favour the first  type of  wording.

I shall now leave the following links, straight away, with no further delay.

(thank you for reading)


Galinhola - de José Maria Soares Ribeiro da Costa

Galinhola – de José Maria Soares Ribeiro da Costa




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 – artigo de 25-01-2019 (Ligação directa para o artigo – na sua fonte


Ten Reasons the Ecumenical Patriarchate Made a Huge Mistake in Ukraine
By George Selinsky Global Research, January 22, 2019 19 January 2019



ANALYSE: Gilets jaunes : l’acte I de la réflexion Par Cécile Daumas — 23 janvier 2019 – – LINK direct


Ligação directa para o artigo:
«Direitos para as pessoas, regras para as multinacionais» Campanha europeia quer acabar com os “privilégios das multinacionais”
(Notícia de 18 Janeiro, 2019)   – 
jornal Tornado



The Loss of Life, From World War I to World War III. What Would Happen if a Third World War Were to Break Out?
By Prof Michel Chossudovsky Global Research, November 20, 2018
– Direct Link to the article @Global Research





Regarding Venezuela (specifically): 





OEA não apoia golpe na Venesuela – notícia de 25-01-2019
Noticia – Fonte – LINK directo





The US Puts Venezuela Under High Pressure. Chronicle of an Announced ‘Parliamentary Coup’ – Direct LINK (article 26-01-2019) By Marc Vandepitte

( Français)
VENEZUELA : «Un coup contre le droit international» Par Alfred de Zayas
(Lien Direct-, 26 janvier 2019 | Le Courrier 24 janvier 2019) 




Au Venezuela, les militaires monnayent leur soutien à Maduro Par Benjamin Delille, correspondant à Caracas — 25 janvier 2019 à 21:06 LIEN direct    









«Vassily Nebenzia, le 26 janvier au Conseil de sécurité de l’ONU. Lors des discussions au Conseil de sécurité sur les troubles qui secouent le Venezuela, Vassili Nebenzia, ambassadeur de Russie auprès de l’ONU, s’est demandé s’il ne fallait pas plutôt parler des Gilets jaunes.
Une sortie qui a ulcéré la France.»
(LIEN direct – RT France)





Is the US Orchestrating a coup in Venezuela?
January 23, 2019 Lucas Koerner in Venezuela analyzes the current developments withTRNN’s Sharmini Peries and Greg Wilpert
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