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OUTRA VEZ A CENSURA — A Estátua de Sal (One continues to ask: who or what is making Facebook go against international conventions and law? Whomsoever or whatever entity fueling this should be held accountable and if perchance they be leading the network under false pretence, they ought to obviously be held accountable by it as well.)

Estátua de Sal, 24/02/2019 Mais uma vez este blog foi alvo da censura do Facebook. Tudo o que publiquei aqui recentemente e que tinha sido partilhado na minha página do Facebook foi de lá banido sem qualquer explicação cabal, dizem eles porque “não está de acordo com os padrões da Comunidade” Mas, afinal o que […]

via OUTRA VEZ A CENSURA — A Estátua de Sal


(G.A. – One continues to ask: who or what is making Facebook go against international conventions and law? Whomsoever or whatever entity fueling this should be held accountable and if perchance they be leading the network under false pretence, ought to obviously be held accountable by it as well.
Other than being ridiculous when seeing what is censored, it is unlawful conduct.  I have nothing against Facebook, it is a social media platform as are others,  but this seems too  bizarre not to ask.   Was facebook made by citizens from a country that allegedly has in its own Constitution something known to them as their constitutional ”First Amendment”? If so it will be hard to believe that they’d find it strange at all, and naturally expect them to understand its meaning.  Furthermore, unless they be more ignorant of things than the current President of their country, they’d obviously not be surprised that such is also in the Constitutions of other lands, not to mention international conventions – and law.  Who exactly is it that is thus breaking Law and Legality, one asks?   Or are we kept in the dark so as to make it difficult to hold whomsoever or ”whatever” it is, unaccountable?  If this is so, one must never forget that – sooner or later – TIME has a way of uncovering all deeds. Indeed, even if we’re all killed off, there might still be a whale or dolphin left that will point a fin at the culprit. Goodnight)



Venezuela, golpe dello Stato profondo di Manlio Dinucci | in: Rete VOLTAIRE | Roma (Italia) | 29 Gennaio, 2019 (original article idioms: Italiano, Português, Türkçe, Românâ, Español, English, Deutsch, Nederlands, ΕΛΛΗΝΙΚΆ, 中文 )

(Lien  | Ligação directa para o artigo na sua totalidade  |  LINK to full article) :
« L’ART DE LA GUERRE » Venezuela, putsch de l’État profond US par Manlio Dinucci – in: 



Venezuela, putsch de l’État profond US

En définitive, le président Trump s’est aligné sur les ambitions de l’État profond US de destruction du Bassin des Caraïbes. Il a conforté le vice-président Mike Pence et le sénateur Marco Rubio dans leur opération de déstabilisation du Venezuela. Il pourrait aussi soutenir les deux mêmes hommes dans leur projet pour Israël et contre la Syrie.


Venezuela, a putsch by the US deep state

Finally, President Trump has aligned himself with the ambitions of the US deep state for the destruction of the Caribbean Basin. He has confirmed Vice-President Mike Pence and Senator Marco Rubio in their operation to destabilise Venezuela. He may also support the same two men in their project for Israël and against Syria.




Por conter uma reflexão que consideramos interessante e actual, embora meramente sectorial em termos de espectro político, publicamos este texto sobre o populismo/nacionalismo e o choque…


Our Global Condition – Some updates (Artigos recentes, de fontes escolhidas pela fidelidade das mesmas para com os factos, e ligações para mais alguns artigos)| post idioms: EN, FR & PT

A tiny, rather insignificant note regarding this post’s  overall caption:
I was having a hard time chosing a title for this post.  I was going to leave it as *Our Global Predicament*, but, I suppose it makes not much of a difference to use either term, ”condition” or  ”predicament”.  Since I use the latter more often, this time I’ll favour the first  type of  wording.

I shall now leave the following links, straight away, with no further delay.

(thank you for reading)


Galinhola - de José Maria Soares Ribeiro da Costa

Galinhola – de José Maria Soares Ribeiro da Costa




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 – artigo de 25-01-2019 (Ligação directa para o artigo – na sua fonte


Ten Reasons the Ecumenical Patriarchate Made a Huge Mistake in Ukraine
By George Selinsky Global Research, January 22, 2019 19 January 2019



ANALYSE: Gilets jaunes : l’acte I de la réflexion Par Cécile Daumas — 23 janvier 2019 – – LINK direct


Ligação directa para o artigo:
«Direitos para as pessoas, regras para as multinacionais» Campanha europeia quer acabar com os “privilégios das multinacionais”
(Notícia de 18 Janeiro, 2019)   – 
jornal Tornado



The Loss of Life, From World War I to World War III. What Would Happen if a Third World War Were to Break Out?
By Prof Michel Chossudovsky Global Research, November 20, 2018
– Direct Link to the article @Global Research





Regarding Venezuela (specifically): 





OEA não apoia golpe na Venesuela – notícia de 25-01-2019
Noticia – Fonte – LINK directo





The US Puts Venezuela Under High Pressure. Chronicle of an Announced ‘Parliamentary Coup’ – Direct LINK (article 26-01-2019) By Marc Vandepitte

( Français)
VENEZUELA : «Un coup contre le droit international» Par Alfred de Zayas
(Lien Direct-, 26 janvier 2019 | Le Courrier 24 janvier 2019) 




Au Venezuela, les militaires monnayent leur soutien à Maduro Par Benjamin Delille, correspondant à Caracas — 25 janvier 2019 à 21:06 LIEN direct    









«Vassily Nebenzia, le 26 janvier au Conseil de sécurité de l’ONU. Lors des discussions au Conseil de sécurité sur les troubles qui secouent le Venezuela, Vassili Nebenzia, ambassadeur de Russie auprès de l’ONU, s’est demandé s’il ne fallait pas plutôt parler des Gilets jaunes.
Une sortie qui a ulcéré la France.»
(LIEN direct – RT France)





Is the US Orchestrating a coup in Venezuela?
January 23, 2019 Lucas Koerner in Venezuela analyzes the current developments withTRNN’s Sharmini Peries and Greg Wilpert
**- Direct LINK to the news cast & respective article  



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The following articles, written these past (yet recent) years – I leave as well.

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