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When you’re seven and you see your eighteen year old big sis dancing, all you know is you want to pick up your feet and shake yourself all about with her.

I am awfully terrible at good-byes, worse when I’m thousands of miles away and not able to have held her hand…
The above are what I first recall dancing next to her.

Even when I’d get huffy and puffy, she could always lure me in and ask to smell a little cream pastry tart (pastel de nata), and of course seconds later I’d be wearing it on my pitiful nose  (worst of all, as I knew she’d probably prank me, I would say so, but, she’d always get her way nonetheless) and I’d just stare back at her – all icky – with a Garfield (cat) Monday Morning expression on my face.   Many years later, the pleasure I felt being able to out wit her and have her end up taking wads of ripened cantaloupe out of her bra is still warm in my memory.

I do miss her – though I do know she’ll always be with us.

I leave this post, with love, for the brother that was with her, her loving husband and kids.., our eldest brother and..
(and yes, it is hard to withhold news from the 89 year old parent that is still around, but she doesn’t read my blog, and I cannot keep from writing this passage).

Love is a forever ”thing”







In loving memory – For my Big Sis


Abril / April – 2019

I beg your indulgence as – some images, and videos, may take a moment to become fully visible.
Best Wishes, to whomsoever should come upon this post.




(Red Carnations – By Pomar, image via FB – courtesy of the Júlio Pomar Foundation)




(Psalm: John Coltrane – Fouth movement from ‘A Love Supreme’)





(Ella Fitzgerald, born April 25th – singing April in Paris, via Jazz Corner | FB page)








LINK –  





LINK – 25A40 – O som do cravo | Um concerto em três tempos.





(Bach – choral from – St Mathew Passion | BWV 244 , Harnoncourt – Arnold Schoenberg Chor, Concentus Musicus Wein, Wiener Sangerknaben)



(Bach – Final chorale – St John Passion ”Herr, unser herrscher” (chorus) | Gardener, Monteverdi Choir, The English Baroque Soloists)



(Megaloschemos II | Bulgarian Orthodox Hymn)







(Os vampiros – Zeca Afonso)

(Cantigas do Maio – Zeca Afonso)






(Georges Moustaki – Ma Liberté)

(Zeca Afonso – Redondo Vocàbulo)


Poster - 25th April '74 | Cartaz : O menino do Cravo - fotografia de Sergio Guimarães






(and still, because it is April 25th, and Thursday)


(Tarkovsky Quartet – Nuit blanche)



(Harmónicos – Jorge Peixinho)








(Acordai – Lopes Graça | Lisboa Cantat)











Humanity, Profit.., and an urgent message. (English & Portuguese)


This is a message for Humanity (♥) and a very important one:
It seems,
They are repeating,
We should adhere,
I believe,
and You might say.


(Desejo-vos a todos um excelente dia)


I leave you a    v i d e o-clip     just under 2 minutes long a quote some of that which is said:
« (…) this is a message by “the People” to “the People” (…) »



Deixo-vos com uma mensagem, um    v i d e o        que dura pouco menos de 2 minutos.

I also include the following LINK- to a song.. I also leave you with a song that at the     t i m e      was performed to one whom dignifies Mankind.

– E deixo uma música. Na altura foi tocada para homenagear um “G”rande ser, um ser com “S” bem grande..

O “Lucro” é algo que se define consoante os padrões (ética, estética, moralidade e/ou ausência da mesma.. )
de quem o o deseja.

Há lucros que pouco ou “nada” são.
Outros que são faces fragmentais da destruição e/ou do empobrecimento do Ser que os cobiça.
Há lucro que é e/ou conduz às coisas da Morte
(“Morte” no seu sentido mais lato e múltiplo)

– e há o outro tipo de lucro.
Aquele lucro que se tem ao ver nascer o dia seguinte, ou, aquele que se recebe ao ir ao encontro do Outro.

Pelo menos para alguns, a vida é uma dádiva, por isso mesmo “lucro”.

Há milhares de tipos de lucro conforme o acto e a vontade por de trás do mesmo.

Agora se é para o “Bem” ou para o “Mal”.. isso já é outra história (parece-me)

where there is a WILL there is a WAY

Yes a handful of us in any given place can be rotten to the core.. will profit from the death of babies and laugh as one’s own mother’s back’s is broken.. but most are not so.

It takes a coward to  succumb to Averice, Greed and Fear
(all foods of Hatred and Destruction, that awful couple that fathers “Doom”)

– but the noble heart shall shine through the darkness of those who would do him/her ill or attempt to cheat.

The cheating of the Other into becoming as they, a small worthless empty shell from whence no sound escapes nor light for they are “Naught”, where all is but deception –
– is as vile an act as the destruction a few desire to perpetrate for the lucre of  “false” gold;
for a “profit” they hysterically believe they can take with them.. to that small black hole they’ll inevitably end up in…

Long life to those whom are unconstrained, unenslaved,  unfettered, liberated and unbound to such flaws that would imprison their Humanity, who are invigorated through the beauty of    c o m i n g     to the rescue of the Other
(and themselves),
– through LOVE.
May they prosper and multiply.


– to all i wish a nice day.