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.. Sol o





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(I shall now leave some superfluous accompaniment.. I say this even though I love the musical portion  belowShakti dearly)








a solo
is what it is
does what it does
is a multiple of one
is multiple or one
it’s multinudenous
it is none (of the above)





( the mouth of a river, a star, an East/West fusion..  an “ancient child’s” solo – I leave you with the sound of Shakti to accompany its warm innocence)








.. Sol o



Pendular space
recycled cycles of time that bends
as we circle (our) emotive states of concentric consciousness (consciousnesses)
is ever moving.
East becomes West, West becomes East, but what of it?

That revolving yet ever changing river that is our existence
(that is our existance?) seems to pay little attention to detail.





(author’s note: the “solo” originally was only meant to be the photographic slideshow above,
but as always I’m easily sidetracked – thank you for your indulgence)