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Câteodată îmi pare penibil cum majoritatea oamenilor sunt ahtiați după validarea socială și-și canalizează totalitatea eforturilor în a epata și a primi validarea celor din jur.

Îmi pare doar o încercare disperată a mulțumi pe ceilalți și cu siguranță această nevoie de validare nu-ți aduce beneficii reale în relația cu tine – adică în tot ceea ce contează.

Sărind peste lacunele emoționale și peste lipsa raționamentului și al spiritului analitic, maimuțărirea (astăzi prezentă în aproape orice domeniu de activitate) este în ochii multora, singura cale de a triumfa.

Mai există și cea de care sunt cel mai scârbită – anume bullyingul (negăsind tocmai un echivalent în română). Funcționează simplu, dovadă fiind utilizarea cât mai frecventă de către indivizii ce nu posedă alte capacități intelectuale. Adulmecând “inferioritate” sau adesea, firea introvertită, aceștia se ridică pe căderea altora.

To resume: Nu ești cool dacă faci mișto de ceilalți, nici amuzant dacă te…

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via Validare.

Jessye Norman

It’s difficult to describe how profoundly moving it had always been to hear or see Jessye Norman as she graced the stage so wonderfully with her phenomenal talent.   A majestic and beautiful presence, that is difficult to word.


I’d borrow the phrase ”flights of angels take thee”.. , but, I usually viewed the owner of that voice as an angel walking among us, so, I’ll say :

– Go thee sweetly – returnéd thou art now to that beloved heavenly host –  




















Wonderful Jessye Norman








Prelude & Basso Ostinato, Ballada, Prelude, Harlem Mist, and Angelico (- and – I suppose I may be tempted to leave a Haiku – but – only after listening to Angelico or the previous prelude. Hmmmm – perhaps a Sicilian Tercet…)


Ah, but, I must soon stop hovering and awaken.

(ok- it’s true I did see the sun rise – but – I’m still in that blue hour mode)

Good morning.



(Prelude & Basso Ostinato










(Prelude – from the ”Petite Suite”, performed by M. Henriques)





(”Harlem Mist” – from the album *Wilderness)




(”Angelico” – from Musica Callada  / Book 1 – 1)





Dripping rays of light
trickling through – key after key
as the gentlest rain








(Sicilian tercet)


trickling, A sweet torrent mist in the night,
adrift mid-air then settling  in layers,
wraps yon blue hour as it comes to full height


from that moistened, warm heart that drifts and sails
aloft, mid-air then settling in prayers
as the blanket is woven –  for one’s trails
















Ok – ok – I had seen the following video posted and had saved its LINK  to watch later when I’d come back .
(so I’ll leave it here as well, for when I come back). It was to have been posted yesterday, but I got sidetracked.

( I suppose I can also leave a link with the full proceedings, )


Wishing all a nice day –

close up photo of dog wearing sunglasses

Photo by Ilargian Faus on





VE Day – May 9 (May 8 – 9 | Remembrance – Lest we forget) ♥ Remembrance.

Paris was liberated in August, yes, but only months later as we well know, was there finally and end to the matter of War .   The end of the theatre of The Second World War in Europe, surrender was made and formally signed, in Berlin, through ”The German Instrument of Surrender”,  on the 8th of May.

*Rome, Mussolini’s Rome – had come to an end April 27 & 28th, shortly before VE. 

Photograph by Robert Doisneau – Ocupation camoflage , Paris 1944


Photograph by R. Doisneau | Occupation – ”Le Lapin de Monsieur Barabe – 1943

(LINK – to source of the two above images)



The liberation of Paris August 1944 by RobertDoisneau_pictureSource_HistoryInPictures_atHistoryInPicsOnTwitter

The Liberation of Paris (photo: Robert Doisneau 1944)

LINK – to source of the image above



I would place other images , of prisoner camps, and death camps, etc –  but.. (I still find it hard to believe that such horrors are denied) –

Twice – Hell on Earth, ground bloodied and major site of destruction and havoc within a worldwide conflict spanning all the continents, Europe, mortally on her knees bleeding… But do we forget? Do we? I wonder, do we? We have – Armistice Day (The Day of Remembrance) for that moment in our grandparents’ time, when finally the guns and the madness stopped.   But – memory became clouded after a pair of decades.  The madness returned, and by no means less bloodthirsty.
And arrivéd indeed we were, come the time of our parents, to the Second World War.
(I say grandparents and parents, because, to a large portion of the population, still, that would be the relation regardless their being mere adolescents at said moments, as we well know – at the end of war – recruits were getting younger and younger..  Even in the so called ”neutral” states, those that among other things fed those in battle, and between rationing – or the reception of ”migrants” (a word so many like to use nowadays) that would stay or pass on through.. – and exiles, the moment of VE was one of great rejoicing for the end of War. Of course, in the case of the dictatorships that ruled the two nations in the Iberian Peninsula – in Portugal – for instance, children left their schools in joy, some attaining little flags of one or another allied nation to wave about, but , the PVDE (the police that preceeded the PIDE)  as is known and documented was not fond of such public outbursts so they had to quickly disperse..
The neighbouring nation’s dictator, although maintaining it as a ”neutral” state, had his people go through such things as what is conveyed in the painting below.  I won’t caption the image, because, I believe I needn’t ).



Whilst we witness Macron repeatedly and treacherously attacking his own people in the streets, over the past 5 or 6 months, and, whilst we see the rise of propaganda instigating the rise of the Far Right all over Europe – one must ask – ”Have we forgotten”?

I go back up, to the upper part of this post and gaze at Doisneau’s photograph ”Liberation of Paris”, and hope that it is not (forgotten).















Abril / April – 2019

I beg your indulgence as – some images, and videos, may take a moment to become fully visible.
Best Wishes, to whomsoever should come upon this post.




(Red Carnations – By Pomar, image via FB – courtesy of the Júlio Pomar Foundation)




(Psalm: John Coltrane – Fouth movement from ‘A Love Supreme’)





(Ella Fitzgerald, born April 25th – singing April in Paris, via Jazz Corner | FB page)








LINK –  





LINK – 25A40 – O som do cravo | Um concerto em três tempos.





(Bach – choral from – St Mathew Passion | BWV 244 , Harnoncourt – Arnold Schoenberg Chor, Concentus Musicus Wein, Wiener Sangerknaben)



(Bach – Final chorale – St John Passion ”Herr, unser herrscher” (chorus) | Gardener, Monteverdi Choir, The English Baroque Soloists)



(Megaloschemos II | Bulgarian Orthodox Hymn)







(Os vampiros – Zeca Afonso)

(Cantigas do Maio – Zeca Afonso)






(Georges Moustaki – Ma Liberté)

(Zeca Afonso – Redondo Vocàbulo)


Poster - 25th April '74 | Cartaz : O menino do Cravo - fotografia de Sergio Guimarães






(and still, because it is April 25th, and Thursday)


(Tarkovsky Quartet – Nuit blanche)



(Harmónicos – Jorge Peixinho)








(Acordai – Lopes Graça | Lisboa Cantat)











Julian Assange

(idioms: EN & ES ) Former President Rafael Correia : ”Assange is, and has been since last year, an Ecuadorian citizen”. As such, today’s arrest ”is not only unlawful in terms of the legal obligations with respect the status of those granted asylum (the rights thereof) and binding International Law , but also, the Ecuadorian Constitution” – which Correa classifies as ”unheard of” and ”outrageous”.
El expresidente de Ecuador Rafael Correa – Correa ha recordado que “Assange es, desde el año pasado, ciudadano ecuatoriano”, con lo cual, según explica el exmandatario, la detención llevada acabo hoy “no solo rompe las reglas de asilo y el Derecho internacional, sino la Constitución ecuatoriana”, algo que Correa ha calificado como “inaudito” e “indignante”.
SP –…/311328-correa-arresto-assange-l…





ACLU | American Civil Liberties Union : comment on Julian Assange Arrest  
(April 11, 2019)

(Portion taken of the article. Please click on the available link for the full article)

« Ben Wizner, director of the American Civil Liberties Union’s Speech, Privacy, and Technology Project, issued the following comment in response:

“Any prosecution by the United States of Mr. Assange for Wikileaks’ publishing operations would be unprecedented and unconstitutional, and would open the door to criminal investigations of other news organizations. Moreover, prosecuting a foreign publisher for violating U.S. secrecy laws would set an especially dangerous precedent for U.S. journalists, who routinely violate foreign secrecy laws to deliver information vital to the public’s interest.

In response to the unsealed indictement, Wizner added:

“Criminally prosecuting a publisher for the publication of truthful information would be a first in American history, and unconstitutional. The government did not cross that Rubicon with today’s indictment, but the worst case scenario cannot yet be ruled out. We have no assurance that these are the only charges the government plans to bring against Mr. Assange. Further, while there is no First Amendment right to crack a government password, this indictment characterizes as ‘part of’ a criminal conspiracy the routine and protected activities journalists often engage in as part of their daily jobs, such as encouraging a source to provide more information. Given President Trump’s and his administration’s well-documented attacks on the freedom of the press, such characterizations are especially worrisome.”



Further links : (The Sydney Morning Herald)




The Martyrdom of Julian Assange –

Chris Hedges

Chris Hedges is a Truthdig columnist, a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, a New York Times best-selling author, a professor in the college degree program offered to New Jersey state prisoners by Rutgers…(more)

(Paragraph taken from the article. Please click on the avaiable link for the full article)

« Under what law did Ecuadorian President Lenin Moreno capriciously terminate Julian Assange’s rights of asylum as a political refugee? Under what law did Moreno authorize British police to enter the Ecuadorian Embassy—diplomatically sanctioned sovereign territory—to arrest a naturalized citizen of Ecuador? Under what law did Prime Minister Theresa May order the British police to grab Assange, who has never committed a crime? Under what law did President Donald Trump demand the extradition of Assange, who is not a U.S. citizen and whose news organization is not based in the United States? »






Haiku (son of Zeus – son of Hera)

the battle blazes,

doth glow the fields of repentence

— upon bodies, stacked.















© Guida Almeida

















ICE Let Sexual Assault Reports Slide At Migrant Detention Centers Run By Contractors: Inspector General — AMA NEwsInfo

Federal immigration officials are not adequately policing contractors running immigrant detention centers where serious problems are often going unreported, according to a report the inspector general for the Department of Homeland Security released last week. In some cases, contractors ― including both private businesses and public operations, such as county jails ― failed to notify Immigration…

via ICE Let Sexual Assault Reports Slide At Migrant Detention Centers Run By Contractors: Inspector General — AMA NEwsInfo


A posição do Estado português sobre a Venezuela — Aventar

As relações internacionais estabelecem-se sobre um código de conduta semelhante ao das hienas e dos cães selvagens. Não há nações amigas, há nações com interesses comuns. 356 more words

via A posição do Estado português sobre a Venezuela — Aventar

Somewhere – between Now and the Third Versicle

(Jimi singing Dylan’s – All Along The Watchtower – arrises in my mind’s ear, in a subtle crescendo as if it were the commencement of the dawning of the sun yet be it the night)












The night falls – its winds still elude unto visions of misconceived footmen lining each front, and yet  – the cricket sings.
As Babylon runs in its rivers, weeping wet, still can I not see – nor the olive groves of Galilee, nor the seas of all Being and enchantments.  These most assuredly lie somewhere between now and the third versicle of the Song of Songs.
The wind shall growl, the Watchman shall sit – until the cricket leaps a perfect fifth, perhaps a minor sixth
(to a comely bass).





Somewhere Between Now And The Third Versicle

(© written elsewhere by me, Aug. 19, 2018)













(N. i. s.)

moonlight on sea - G.A.
















Our Global Condition – Some updates (Artigos recentes, de fontes escolhidas pela fidelidade das mesmas para com os factos, e ligações para mais alguns artigos)| post idioms: EN, FR & PT

A tiny, rather insignificant note regarding this post’s  overall caption:
I was having a hard time chosing a title for this post.  I was going to leave it as *Our Global Predicament*, but, I suppose it makes not much of a difference to use either term, ”condition” or  ”predicament”.  Since I use the latter more often, this time I’ll favour the first  type of  wording.

I shall now leave the following links, straight away, with no further delay.

(thank you for reading)


Galinhola - de José Maria Soares Ribeiro da Costa

Galinhola – de José Maria Soares Ribeiro da Costa




ARTICLES (links) | ARTIGOS (ligações) | ARTICLES et actualités (liens)



 – artigo de 25-01-2019 (Ligação directa para o artigo – na sua fonte


Ten Reasons the Ecumenical Patriarchate Made a Huge Mistake in Ukraine
By George Selinsky Global Research, January 22, 2019 19 January 2019



ANALYSE: Gilets jaunes : l’acte I de la réflexion Par Cécile Daumas — 23 janvier 2019 – – LINK direct


Ligação directa para o artigo:
«Direitos para as pessoas, regras para as multinacionais» Campanha europeia quer acabar com os “privilégios das multinacionais”
(Notícia de 18 Janeiro, 2019)   – 
jornal Tornado



The Loss of Life, From World War I to World War III. What Would Happen if a Third World War Were to Break Out?
By Prof Michel Chossudovsky Global Research, November 20, 2018
– Direct Link to the article @Global Research





Regarding Venezuela (specifically): 





OEA não apoia golpe na Venesuela – notícia de 25-01-2019
Noticia – Fonte – LINK directo





The US Puts Venezuela Under High Pressure. Chronicle of an Announced ‘Parliamentary Coup’ – Direct LINK (article 26-01-2019) By Marc Vandepitte

( Français)
VENEZUELA : «Un coup contre le droit international» Par Alfred de Zayas
(Lien Direct-, 26 janvier 2019 | Le Courrier 24 janvier 2019) 




Au Venezuela, les militaires monnayent leur soutien à Maduro Par Benjamin Delille, correspondant à Caracas — 25 janvier 2019 à 21:06 LIEN direct    









«Vassily Nebenzia, le 26 janvier au Conseil de sécurité de l’ONU. Lors des discussions au Conseil de sécurité sur les troubles qui secouent le Venezuela, Vassili Nebenzia, ambassadeur de Russie auprès de l’ONU, s’est demandé s’il ne fallait pas plutôt parler des Gilets jaunes.
Une sortie qui a ulcéré la France.»
(LIEN direct – RT France)





Is the US Orchestrating a coup in Venezuela?
January 23, 2019 Lucas Koerner in Venezuela analyzes the current developments withTRNN’s Sharmini Peries and Greg Wilpert
**- Direct LINK to the news cast & respective article  



Key: Information Regarding Featured News Sites
of preference (list & respective links)



EN———Other sites also worthy of note for one or another reason,  but,  because of there not having been the need for their use above in this post, they are placed in the list below:
PT———Uma selecção de outras publicações de relevo que, por motivo de as não ter precisado empregar mais acima, neste artigo, não estavam ainda a constar:









The following articles, written these past (yet recent) years – I leave as well.

Three LINKS – each providing, through ”labels”, articles that bring forth some issues related to the present post


LINK # 1a – source GFA 

  #  1b (continued under the same label) – (source GFA)

LINK # 2 – Source GFA
















Batatas, mas fritas.. (por construcções)




na busca de um qualquer paraíso, idílico  Estar, onde espírito, sentindo repouso porém sem adormecimento dos sentidos, desejos, e anseios por algo (que são coisas que nos acordam), e sem que se canse, aqui ou ali, pelas vicissitudes da vida, no se Ser e no Devir, de etapa em etapa, que se cruza / sobrepõe /  ou corre por intervalos ao longo do tempo *….

(Tempo, aquele espaço que tem um fluir, numa direcção aparente, mas que pelos filtros e limites de nosso entendimento, que por graça não é perfeito (que alivio, não o ser, não é?) – vai num ou noutro sentido, por vezes mais, por vezes como se numa geometria das esferas, em bola, ou coisa assim)

* …onde uma pessoa o idealiza, buscando-o, desejando-o, no local de origem, ou noutro,

é uma busca motora existencial, tanta vez, e para tantos, e natural, mas,
onde a vida (amor, lutas, et cetera) e seu palpável sentido, aquando / a quanto – busca, ela própria que mói, ou pode moer, é aqui que uma pessoa vê,
– o significado que pode ver (entre outras, mas sobretudo este) num maratonista.  (E não só isso, naturalmente. Nem no boneco (do maratonista), nem na busca).







– que construcção mais estranha de frase a que acabo de ver, em mim, como producto que se dá ou recebe, por nós mesmos (logo à partida), mas da qual cada vez mais é difícil em lhe fugir, serão cascas de uma qualquer cebola, metafórica, do Ser / Estar / Devir ?
Não sei bem.
Mas, tanto faz (creio).





Vou fritar umas batatas. ”Ó mãe, o cão está a ladrar..”.
hmmmmm… Onde é que pus o telefone? , eu ouço-o mas não o vejo… ”Ó mãe…”
( bolas, acabei de pisar uma coisa que se colou aos pés..). Cão anda cá, não precisas ladrar assim, que coisa.. Onde está a bola?

Uf, guitar,cello study III

oil on paper © G.A

September 11

Fotografia de Alice Valente Alves – photographer
Fotografia de ALICE VALENTE ALVES – photographer

This stunning image above is a full colour fotograph taken by Alice Valente Alves of a misty grey NYC dawn. ___________________________________________
In an age of intolerance and rampant police state tactics across the globe…
A decade ago from this day we have lived in such an age, or at least such is and has been manifest thenceforth to a far higher degree than ever before.
This was a day for change on a global level in many aspects and one could instantly feel it as the day’s events unfolded.. as one watched in a stupefied, alarmed daze helplessly witnessing horror – perpetrated by mindless prejudice that walks about hand in hand with intolerance.

Reminded by a friend moments ago, an equally horrid day was this precise day – September 11, in 1973
with the assassination of Salvador Allende and the horrific reign of treachery that ensued.
Truly a day of intolerance.. whereupon a fraction of Mankind rears it’s ugly head and wreaks terror upon all others.

Any mind that is blinded by greed, hatred or prejudice withers and dies.
It becomes a feeble shell full of worthless quotation and campaign, incapable of sustaining a thought of its own – a helpless cripple that succumbs to the poisons of Man and the false notion of superiority.

There is no honour in terror. In terror there is only terror – and emptiness.

I leave below a painting created almost a year after these deadly and cruel occurrences 10 years ago and videos of two pieces by Charlie Haden as a token of just homage not only to the victims of terror of this day, but victims everywhere that succumb to intolerance, greed and blood thirsty scavengers. The image (the painting here at the bottom) is also a protest to how this world has become dystopic, and how lust for power and greed keep murdering people through: hunger, physical torture/strife, racial/religious oppression of all kinds, blind fanaticism, neo-liberal slaveries and the ill use of “slogan” in order to perpetuate intolerable manipulation (to confuse and confound all around). This post is in memory to the victims of the day, and to Man’s struggle to keep a sound soul.. in an age of cold “fake” cash.

I also leave videos of the man


plus a piece by Charlie Haden performed by his Liberation Music Orchestra on David Sanborn’s Nightmusic

and his “Silence”

I further leave a link with a tribute to the Hudson River School of painters GUIDA FINE ARTS

– and below this
– my “Ab ovo: IV”