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VE Day – May 9 (May 8 – 9 | Remembrance – Lest we forget) ♥ Remembrance.

Paris was liberated in August, yes, but only months later as we well know, was there finally and end to the matter of War .   The end of the theatre of The Second World War in Europe, surrender was made and formally signed, in Berlin, through ”The German Instrument of Surrender”,  on the 8th of May.

*Rome, Mussolini’s Rome – had come to an end April 27 & 28th, shortly before VE. 

Photograph by Robert Doisneau – Ocupation camoflage , Paris 1944


Photograph by R. Doisneau | Occupation – ”Le Lapin de Monsieur Barabe – 1943

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The liberation of Paris August 1944 by RobertDoisneau_pictureSource_HistoryInPictures_atHistoryInPicsOnTwitter

The Liberation of Paris (photo: Robert Doisneau 1944)

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I would place other images , of prisoner camps, and death camps, etc –  but.. (I still find it hard to believe that such horrors are denied) –

Twice – Hell on Earth, ground bloodied and major site of destruction and havoc within a worldwide conflict spanning all the continents, Europe, mortally on her knees bleeding… But do we forget? Do we? I wonder, do we? We have – Armistice Day (The Day of Remembrance) for that moment in our grandparents’ time, when finally the guns and the madness stopped.   But – memory became clouded after a pair of decades.  The madness returned, and by no means less bloodthirsty.
And arrivéd indeed we were, come the time of our parents, to the Second World War.
(I say grandparents and parents, because, to a large portion of the population, still, that would be the relation regardless their being mere adolescents at said moments, as we well know – at the end of war – recruits were getting younger and younger..  Even in the so called ”neutral” states, those that among other things fed those in battle, and between rationing – or the reception of ”migrants” (a word so many like to use nowadays) that would stay or pass on through.. – and exiles, the moment of VE was one of great rejoicing for the end of War. Of course, in the case of the dictatorships that ruled the two nations in the Iberian Peninsula – in Portugal – for instance, children left their schools in joy, some attaining little flags of one or another allied nation to wave about, but , the PVDE (the police that preceeded the PIDE)  as is known and documented was not fond of such public outbursts so they had to quickly disperse..
The neighbouring nation’s dictator, although maintaining it as a ”neutral” state, had his people go through such things as what is conveyed in the painting below.  I won’t caption the image, because, I believe I needn’t ).



Whilst we witness Macron repeatedly and treacherously attacking his own people in the streets, over the past 5 or 6 months, and, whilst we see the rise of propaganda instigating the rise of the Far Right all over Europe – one must ask – ”Have we forgotten”?

I go back up, to the upper part of this post and gaze at Doisneau’s photograph ”Liberation of Paris”, and hope that it is not (forgotten).















Julian Assange

(idioms: EN & ES ) Former President Rafael Correia : ”Assange is, and has been since last year, an Ecuadorian citizen”. As such, today’s arrest ”is not only unlawful in terms of the legal obligations with respect the status of those granted asylum (the rights thereof) and binding International Law , but also, the Ecuadorian Constitution” – which Correa classifies as ”unheard of” and ”outrageous”.
El expresidente de Ecuador Rafael Correa – Correa ha recordado que “Assange es, desde el año pasado, ciudadano ecuatoriano”, con lo cual, según explica el exmandatario, la detención llevada acabo hoy “no solo rompe las reglas de asilo y el Derecho internacional, sino la Constitución ecuatoriana”, algo que Correa ha calificado como “inaudito” e “indignante”.
SP –…/311328-correa-arresto-assange-l…





ACLU | American Civil Liberties Union : comment on Julian Assange Arrest  
(April 11, 2019)

(Portion taken of the article. Please click on the available link for the full article)

« Ben Wizner, director of the American Civil Liberties Union’s Speech, Privacy, and Technology Project, issued the following comment in response:

“Any prosecution by the United States of Mr. Assange for Wikileaks’ publishing operations would be unprecedented and unconstitutional, and would open the door to criminal investigations of other news organizations. Moreover, prosecuting a foreign publisher for violating U.S. secrecy laws would set an especially dangerous precedent for U.S. journalists, who routinely violate foreign secrecy laws to deliver information vital to the public’s interest.

In response to the unsealed indictement, Wizner added:

“Criminally prosecuting a publisher for the publication of truthful information would be a first in American history, and unconstitutional. The government did not cross that Rubicon with today’s indictment, but the worst case scenario cannot yet be ruled out. We have no assurance that these are the only charges the government plans to bring against Mr. Assange. Further, while there is no First Amendment right to crack a government password, this indictment characterizes as ‘part of’ a criminal conspiracy the routine and protected activities journalists often engage in as part of their daily jobs, such as encouraging a source to provide more information. Given President Trump’s and his administration’s well-documented attacks on the freedom of the press, such characterizations are especially worrisome.”



Further links : (The Sydney Morning Herald)




The Martyrdom of Julian Assange –

Chris Hedges

Chris Hedges is a Truthdig columnist, a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, a New York Times best-selling author, a professor in the college degree program offered to New Jersey state prisoners by Rutgers…(more)

(Paragraph taken from the article. Please click on the avaiable link for the full article)

« Under what law did Ecuadorian President Lenin Moreno capriciously terminate Julian Assange’s rights of asylum as a political refugee? Under what law did Moreno authorize British police to enter the Ecuadorian Embassy—diplomatically sanctioned sovereign territory—to arrest a naturalized citizen of Ecuador? Under what law did Prime Minister Theresa May order the British police to grab Assange, who has never committed a crime? Under what law did President Donald Trump demand the extradition of Assange, who is not a U.S. citizen and whose news organization is not based in the United States? »







ICE Let Sexual Assault Reports Slide At Migrant Detention Centers Run By Contractors: Inspector General — AMA NEwsInfo

Federal immigration officials are not adequately policing contractors running immigrant detention centers where serious problems are often going unreported, according to a report the inspector general for the Department of Homeland Security released last week. In some cases, contractors ― including both private businesses and public operations, such as county jails ― failed to notify Immigration…

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Cenas chocantes de brutalidade policial sobre manifestantes pacíficos na Venezuela — Aventar (se não me preocupasse o facto de ter amigos queridos em Espanha, confesso que dar-me-ia mais vontade em rir a ironia e o sarcasmo aqui tão bem empregues. Mas também, precisamente por esses me serem queridos, mais importância dou a um assunto destes. Bom, há aqui mais de um assunto, bem sei. Enfim..)

“In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.” Your silence EU, your shame!@BenEmmerson1 @KRLS… 97 more words

via Cenas chocantes de brutalidade policial sobre manifestantes pacíficos na Venezuela — Aventar


Por conter uma reflexão que consideramos interessante e actual, embora meramente sectorial em termos de espectro político, publicamos este texto sobre o populismo/nacionalismo e o choque…



Brexit: The latest impasse [What Think Tanks are thinking] — European Parliamentary Research Service Blog


On 15 January, the House of Commons overwhelmingly rejected the Withdrawal Agreement which the British Prime Minister, Theresa May, had negotiated with the rest of the European Union, throwing into disarray efforts to ensure the country’s orderly exit from the bloc.

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