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Our Global Condition – Some updates (Artigos recentes, de fontes escolhidas pela fidelidade das mesmas para com os factos, e ligações para mais alguns artigos)| post idioms: EN, FR & PT

A tiny, rather insignificant note regarding this post’s  overall caption:
I was having a hard time chosing a title for this post.  I was going to leave it as *Our Global Predicament*, but, I suppose it makes not much of a difference to use either term, ”condition” or  ”predicament”.  Since I use the latter more often, this time I’ll favour the first  type of  wording.

I shall now leave the following links, straight away, with no further delay.

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Galinhola - de José Maria Soares Ribeiro da Costa

Galinhola – de José Maria Soares Ribeiro da Costa




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 – artigo de 25-01-2019 (Ligação directa para o artigo – na sua fonte


Ten Reasons the Ecumenical Patriarchate Made a Huge Mistake in Ukraine
By George Selinsky Global Research, January 22, 2019 19 January 2019



ANALYSE: Gilets jaunes : l’acte I de la réflexion Par Cécile Daumas — 23 janvier 2019 – – LINK direct


Ligação directa para o artigo:
«Direitos para as pessoas, regras para as multinacionais» Campanha europeia quer acabar com os “privilégios das multinacionais”
(Notícia de 18 Janeiro, 2019)   – 
jornal Tornado



The Loss of Life, From World War I to World War III. What Would Happen if a Third World War Were to Break Out?
By Prof Michel Chossudovsky Global Research, November 20, 2018
– Direct Link to the article @Global Research





Regarding Venezuela (specifically): 





OEA não apoia golpe na Venesuela – notícia de 25-01-2019
Noticia – Fonte – LINK directo





The US Puts Venezuela Under High Pressure. Chronicle of an Announced ‘Parliamentary Coup’ – Direct LINK (article 26-01-2019) By Marc Vandepitte

( Français)
VENEZUELA : «Un coup contre le droit international» Par Alfred de Zayas
(Lien Direct-, 26 janvier 2019 | Le Courrier 24 janvier 2019) 




Au Venezuela, les militaires monnayent leur soutien à Maduro Par Benjamin Delille, correspondant à Caracas — 25 janvier 2019 à 21:06 LIEN direct    









«Vassily Nebenzia, le 26 janvier au Conseil de sécurité de l’ONU. Lors des discussions au Conseil de sécurité sur les troubles qui secouent le Venezuela, Vassili Nebenzia, ambassadeur de Russie auprès de l’ONU, s’est demandé s’il ne fallait pas plutôt parler des Gilets jaunes.
Une sortie qui a ulcéré la France.»
(LIEN direct – RT France)





Is the US Orchestrating a coup in Venezuela?
January 23, 2019 Lucas Koerner in Venezuela analyzes the current developments withTRNN’s Sharmini Peries and Greg Wilpert
**- Direct LINK to the news cast & respective article  



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The following articles, written these past (yet recent) years – I leave as well.

Three LINKS – each providing, through ”labels”, articles that bring forth some issues related to the present post


LINK # 1a – source GFA 

  #  1b (continued under the same label) – (source GFA)

LINK # 2 – Source GFA

















@GTP_Updates Demonstrates Google’s European Influence Campaign — Music Technology Policy

@artistrights tweeted in reaction to the stalled Article 13 legislation in Europe “American multinational corporations impose their commercial imperialism over their vassal states. Not the Europe we love.” There probably has never been as revealing an insight into Google’s short, loathsome and treacherous lifespan as the Article 13 legislative process in the European Parliament. It […]

via @GTP_Updates Demonstrates Google’s European Influence Campaign — Music Technology Policy

TISA – hello dear, seems we’ve been expecting you.. can’t say I’m surprised (unfortunately) / Se fossem dar uma voltinha ao bilhar grande..

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TiSA Annex on Domestic Regulation
TiSA Annex on Electronic Commerce
TiSA Air Transport Negotiating Text

Service Economy (wiki definition)

(EN | PT | FR | DE ..etc @Fédération syndicale européenne des services publics) Negociações secretas ameaçam os serviços públicos em 50 países | Secret negotiations threaten public services in 50 countries | Des négociations secrètes menacent les services publics dans 50 pays | Geheimverhandlungen bedrohen öffentlichen Dienstleistungen in 50 Ländern 

(EN | PT | FR | DE ..etc @Public Services International) TISA: leaked document reveals secret talks to promote health “tourism” and privatisation 

(EN | SP @AWP – Associated Whistleblowing Press) TISA – Leaked document reveals secret talks to privatize and raise health costs (TISA – Documento filtrado revela negociaciones secretas para privatizar la salud y alzar su coste)


My thoughts:

(EN text)

Not long ago (March – 2014) an article to help organize my thoughts regarding (and outlook on) Trade Deals, Global economy and war,
(LINK to post – The Ukraine, the new European Powder Keg, trade deals TPP and TTIP – war)

and at the time it was painfully visible amidst the struggle to get the TTP or TTIP agreements signed (other things being visible beforehand) that the power balance between the mega stars according to the world bank were as they were (EU, China, other BRICs nations, USA, BRICs as a unit, and the puchasing power of either Trade Deals: TTP | TTIP – that strangely had no BRICs through a process and for reasons that for now I shall not go into); to get straight to the point
– an urgent desire (who knows at what cost) to obtain the top of the podium
(so to speak)
not only of global economic dominion but through such dominion to finally achieve Ayn Rand’s wishes that place us at the mercy of all Distópiic authors’ worst nightmares (not just those of Orwell, Huxley, Bradbury, Kafka, Nabokov, Golding, and Nolan among others but ironically even Rand’s own Anthem-like world if one is to correctly identify the governing body).

We all know of how modern democracies have succumbed to lack of sovereignty already due to Lobby and Trade Deals passed in the most shifty of manners
(making it ridiculous to take the voting process, for instance, seriously in what one still calls “sovereign” states. )

and how already distopic the world
(whether in what we still stubbornly call demicratic nations, regardless of Democracy actually existing in said countries or not, or other types of regimes be they dictatorships or whatever they be..)

we live in has become.


I suppose in light of China (for instance) not accepting or entering the TTP. Brazil not being in the mood for the TTIP, etc.
and the recent making of the New Development Bank (AKA – the “BRICS Development Bank” – currently run by K. V. Kamath)

made such matters more urgent still on the part of those poor suffering souls
(ie. the promoters of either deals: the TTP or the TTIP)
who think they’re “losing terain”
(how my heart bleeds on their account, I think I’ll just have get myself a popsicle or something..)

Well, isn’t this sweet. They look like kids playing in Sandbox. If only the Sandbox weren’t what it is..

The problem with this kind of Kindergarten foolery is that they aren’t in Kindergarten and there’s no one to place them in a corner with their noses to the corner (and appropriate headgear – the dunce hat).

I have to take things to this level (forgive me) because the entire subject matter is so tragic and monstrous that I would run out of adjectives (adverbs, nouns, verbs.. – the whole lot)
before I begin to say how I feel.

While we’re on the subject of great folley, does anyone have any updates on Fukushima?


Oh, I almost forgot (silly me), have I mentioned the fact that the former President of the European Commission, Mr. José Manuel Durão Barroso (2004 – 2014), a man who had *fled from his responsabilities as Portuguese Prime Minister to become

(*elected 2002 – flew the coop in 2004 after showing much promise in terms of turning public utilities & services to the private sector and into commodities (in his own country), like a puppy wagging a proverbial tail and eager to please
(not necessarily his voters and non-voters whom he chose to represent by going into office in 2002, but that’s another matter..), thereby the apple of the EU’s “European Coucil”‘s eye as ‘Presidential material’ – and to think this man started his political climb from the Portuguese ‘Maoist Party’ – MRPP, talk about gymnastics.. I mean – wow!), 

(to become) the long running man of Power for the EU during the recent 10 years, has upon retirement from said position (position – LOL)
been granted
(the way it was announced (not even two weeks ago) was very much in the lines of “The Gang That Couldn’t Shoot Straight”, actually perhaps more Copolla like come to think of it)
by the hand of the man he’s subsituting (with his expressed *blessing) entrance to replace Mr. Francisco P. Balsemão in the Bilderberg’s lovely – Steering Committee.
I’m not sure what exactly the definition for *retirment is within such a group but perhaps Mr. Kissinger could give a very nice one (maybe a Disney-like version, that would be cute. I’m picturing it right now..).

I have a sweet little Link (in PT) from Mr. Balsemão’s very own (one of many) News sources – Visão
I haver another Link (also in PT) from another news source – Publico
(this second news link right above has an interesting way of saying it – making one think of lovely crowning receptions for Succession.. Oh my, I’ve gone back to Disney-like imagery in my mind’s eye.)

Aaaaaah.. the Bilderberg kindergarten bunch, here’s a very fresh update showing the current Steering Committee of that darling group of blossoming kindergarten boys and girls (all so cute and daisy-like – I’m sure all they need is a hug and weeeee.. off to get cotton-candy, girl-scout cookies and playing leap-frog while their mommy and daddy aren’t looking so they don’t get scolded for mischievous behaviour) – LINK

Again, since we were on the subject of great folley, and now having all sorts of Disney-like animations in my head, does anyone have any updates on Fukushima?


O que me ocorre (assim de repente) ?
Vou deixar uma resposta que agradará a um certo grupo de gente que dizem ser muito nossos amigos, informando e alertando-nos sobre a actualidade, e outros ainda que nos tem felicitado tanto pelo esforço do país e o éxito e..-  blah, blah, blah..blah,  mais uns quantos que por sufrágio ficaram colocados na AR (quer em partidos do actual executivo, quer na oposição) e que certamente estão roucos de falar/informar/defender os interesses das pessoas regidas pela dita assembleia.
Um tratado que, pelos vistos e à semelhança de outros (os espero que já famosos TTP  e TTIP), serve para ultrapassar a legislação das terras abrangidas, põem uma pessoa a questionar ainda mais o motivo de votar (remetendo a questão do sufrágio das nações implicadas nele ao ridículo e ‘imbecilizante’).

– É um tratado muito fofinho,
para corrigir falhas em outros tratados que afinal
ficam aquém das expectativas para conseguir regulamentar coisas que (para o nosso bem) não se pode saber estarem a ser regulamentadas,
coisas tais como a correcta
densidade das sandes de couratos ou,
a permitida utilização de aparelhos electrónicos, quando aquecem, por parte das pulgas que partilham o mesmo gato.
Certamente será pouco mais que isto.
Imagino-o cheio de lacinhos cor de rosa, balõezinhos azul cueca,
tiras nas pontas em tafetá,
com palhacinhos a dançar por perto e abelhinhas a voar,
e com um cadeado lindo em banda desenhada feito holograma que paira, trancando tudo apesar de
se apresentar como efeito visual,
afastando qualquer mão que se lhe aproxima com
uma palmadinha e um raspanete meio piegas.
É um tratado pensado e desejado para o nosso bem,
criado por gente muito engraçada e desejado por gente ainda mais engraçada.

Enfim, entre a entrada do recém emigrado (por pouco tempo, para a terra do Walt Disney), ex-presidente da comissão europeia, como membro da direcção do Grupo Bilderberg para suceder o senhor que agora estará junto ao Kissinger (e outros), num grupo de Ex-não-sei-quês a fazer uma espécie de desmame (quiçá) com idas ao parque aquático da Nazaré e tertúlias no Lidl, e ao que parece, uma espécie de inquietação por não achar ‘tratadas’ as coisas como deve de ser após o recém fundar do Banco dos BRICS, tendo em mente um artigo que foi escrito em Março de 2014
– The Ukraine, the new European Powder Keg, trade deals TPP and TTIP – war , 

só me apetece perguntar se alguém tem novidades sobre Fukushima.