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Bird, little bird











When you learn to fly,

But you haven’t any wings

When you stand and cry —

                ( : )


simply standing – dry,

the rain within pours and stings,

and it hurts and sings —           


in a holy plight,

in battered flight, wavering

your hand – favouring





warm before the night.







59 syllable poem.  –   ”575 575 575 215” form | 3 haiku +  3lined strophe



poem dedicated to a little bird







An annotation to the poem:  in brackets I leave a *Key / Legend – as if in a map, for its reading.

(59 syllable form of 3 haiku + 3lined strophe | in mus. comp. terms it would be a Da capo Aria, but, in truth, more towards being a small French Overture form, where the Da capo section precedes (can precede, that is)  those that follow, that can be on there own – with the Da Capo section and independant of each other in their own ”section”, or linked between the three that follow in their present order, or, a variation if expanded to a larger structure. This description of ”structure”, is mainly for my own benefit – and as a mnemonic – for Musical Form, in case I hit the keyboard latter on (for instance, because my poor brain functions more freely as a musician, when looking at form and structure).  I shall leave, however, a punctuation mark – a full colon – to represent the Da Capo section before it, in light blue). As I also see the this somewhat as another sample of a ”fugued poem” form, as well (I have a couple), where each line of the Da Capo section can stand on its own – for the the *variations in mind,  the full (or rather, the expanded version) of this I shall leave below (also in light blue)  .




When you learn to fly  

The rain within pours and stings    

Your hand, favouring   

But you haven’t any wings   

In a holy plight   

Because its warm in the night  

Simply standing – dry, 

When you stand and cry,   

In battered flight, wavering      




it’s warm, sing .



(variation: section 575757557 123 –   and varied off the 575 575 575 215) 


[215 557755575(or 7) –  a 59 syllab, form(or 61, if seen as a * 2nd variation*).  ]



warm before the night, 


Your hand, favouring
in a holy plight, 
in battered flight, wavering,
But you haven’t any wings
Simply standing – dry,
And it hurts and sings,
When you stand and cry,
The rain within pours – and stings,
Because it is warm – (because it’s warm before the night) .  











Astraeus unBound


There is an absence of Time when dusk comes upon the soft blue blanket, ebbing ever so gently.
I hear only the surface, a supple murmur,
Coeus is shifting
as I sink into Panthalassa’s ghostly remains.
Nothing remains but the soft whisper
growing louder
as each grain pronounces an astral beat
within a song of the ages.










(© originally published without its title elsewhere, August 25, 2017)


  • Astraeus and The Blue Hour – part two***
    (Astraeus unBound)

Astraeus and The Blue Hour – part one
(Astraeus Bound)

Astraeus and The Blue Hour – part three
(Astraeus & Zephyr)























September 23 * 23 de Setembro

I can’t decide between greats such as John Coltrane or Ray Charles, both born this day, a day I’m very fond of.
So to celebrate the day my father was born I’ll take another path and leave the concert I had just finished listening to, a pair of drawings made by my grandfather many years ago plus a poem written in Portuguese.

(Hope all have a wonderful day – Blessings)



sem nome - de José Maria Soares Ribeiro da Costa






Galinhola - de José Maria Soares Ribeiro da Costa






Vive-se Quando se Vive a Substância Intacta



Vive-se quando se vive a substância intacta
em estar a ser sua ardente harmonia
que se expande em clara atmosfera
leve e sem delírio ou talvez delirando
no vértice da frescura onde a imagem treme
um pouco na visão intensa e fluida
E tudo o que se vê é a ondeação
da transparência até aos confins do planeta
E há um momento em que o pensamento repousa
numa sílaba de ouro É a hora leve
do verão a sua correnteza
azul Há um paladar nas veias
e uma lisura de estar nas espáduas do dia
Que respiração tão alta da brisa fluvial!
Afluem energias de uma violência suave
Minúcias musicais sobre um fundo de brancura
A certeza de estar na fluidez animal

António Ramos Rosa, in “Poemas Inéditos”

Compact & Extensive ‘Drawing’ Seminars 2012 | Curso Intensivo de Desenho * 2012



DesenhoPDF: para informação sobre os cursos de desenho (2012) – LINK







curso intensivo e alargado

telefone: 962253827 (tmn) * 963425255 (meo) * 914450669 (Vodafone) – no horário de expediente

email –

DesenhoPDF: para informação sobre os cursos de desenho (2012) – LINK



(For  the 24th)


© Guida AlmeidaThanks

Thanks for giving /
Forgiving /
and for giving









for the 25th
(Portuguese Polyphony)



for Saturday & Sunday
from me to you (music & artwork).


Have a blessed weekend.



Thanksgiving having already been on the second Monday of October in Canada, and now upon having past the fourth Thursday of this month (the US date),  I leave all with my sincere wishes for a happy and safe weekend
(holiday for those celebrating)


I bring to this “table” two things, one is mine and the other.. well…….
I guess the other is too in two aspects. I’ll give my reasons.

1. the arts become a part any man’s existance and expression of “Being” whether it be through music, literature, sculpture, dance, painting…
regardless of their geographic and historic origin as long as he/she whom recieves it identifies him or herself with it;
or if you will, as long as it “touches one’s inner being” making it thenceforth vibrate, rich and fecund with “life”
It then become’s a part of any man’s or woman’s “footprint” upon this earth.

2.  Also, being a Portuguese citizen I have inherited “ART” from this nation, as I have from Canada.
It belongs to, and defines somewhat, my cultural background.



Therefore I leave you with two video clips of mine.
One with work created/performed/painted/drawn by me,
the other by Duarte Lobo – 1565 – 1646
(beautifully performed I must add)
and thus inherited by me.




Please have a lovely weekend, full of tenderness and grace.



Love M.