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not many ways to mend a broken heart.. (bom domingo)






















Das ist freundschaft? ………. Lord, how could I forget that which has ailed me for the past week..

One can never be prepared to say goodbye to those whom we hold dear..
It is such a difficult a thing to fathom that it tends to escape all cognisance.

Even a head-on collision can seem to bring a soothing escape from such a matter.

No matter how one tries to turn one’s heart into a cork so as to be capable of floating

above every little thing..

it still sinks..

– it sinks to a bottomless abyss
– to that chasm full of tears and sorrow.

No I shall not say my goodbyes untill the last breath, be it mine, your’s or anyone else’s.

I’ll simply say goodnight and kiss your forehead
(I can handle nothing more, see nothing less, and I refuse to change my nature)

(des)Largem-me!! © Guida Almeida



Há quem nunca sai do coração..
– quem sempre nos aquece a alma só de pensar nele/nela
Tal como há quem passe por nós sem deixar marca, quem não nos dê respostas e/ou perguntas, quem nada ou pouco nos diz.., há também o oposto disso. Há quem tenha a face, os gestos, as palavras e os silêncios imprimidos para todo o sempre no nosso Ser. ..
.. (tal como todos sabemos) Os nossos amigos são uma família escolhida, assim como alguns familiares “de sangue” também são.. Fazem do nosso “coração”, mesmo que fraquinho seja, uma habitação.. uma casa repleta de “vida”..


E tu.., tu que por exemplo assististe ao meu desespero ao ter descoberto que ia tocar isto

perante o seu autor, numa sala ‘semi-ensolarada’ qualquer de ensaios…, que conviveste com tantas lágrimas.., tantos sonhos, risos.. Tu que me conheces tão bem, que com amizade pura és capaz de gozar com todos os meus podres e transformá-los em coisas minúsculas..,


fazes-me falta desde antes de nascer.


– e ainda tenho um presente do meu pai para te entregar, bolas..

Até já..













Danaides, Pelasgus and the Furies – Walking with the “Lone Arranger”

Laying beneath the earth in wait of ships returnéd  brimming in false promise, they ask after Pelagarus and the maids.  Informed that they’ve apparently gone for a  needed rest an odd semblance of hollow void comes over the expression of memories.. (but)
the Erinyes are known for their persistance and Time is no friend to Injustice.





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Straight away, go right ahead,
– feel free..

Who needs these?
If  I’m not using them why not hang them up and let them dry?
(Cry? …? )

Help yourself
by all means!

Impale.., stake everything,
anything that moves..

There’s an Aquilles of various sorts in everyone.

Who needs ankles?

Paris is mine regardless

The only reason “Any” can be envisaged is so “All” can be nailed.
(They’re almost twins. One must always be attentive..)

Walls and walls and walls and walls,
Walls of tantalizing feet
Oh! You weren’t talking to me..

I’m just pacing my surrender
at the feet of “No Mercy
(the sacred cow now all seem to eat)

The solitude of such a deed is a three way street trodden by Million.
An almost sacred trinity within the triplex of a Dantean cycle.

I’ll go fetch my sneakers..

Kafka – acrílicos s/tela (2005)

Summer – 2011, Lisbon. by G. Almeida























(Below: feet detail taken from a work by Andrea Mantegna, b. circa 1431 – September 13, 1506 ** “The Lamentation ..” painted c. 1480, Tempera on canvas, 68 cm x 81 cm)