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Julian Assange

(idioms: EN & ES ) Former President Rafael Correia : ”Assange is, and has been since last year, an Ecuadorian citizen”. As such, today’s arrest ”is not only unlawful in terms of the legal obligations with respect the status of those granted asylum (the rights thereof) and binding International Law , but also, the Ecuadorian Constitution” – which Correa classifies as ”unheard of” and ”outrageous”.
El expresidente de Ecuador Rafael Correa – Correa ha recordado que “Assange es, desde el año pasado, ciudadano ecuatoriano”, con lo cual, según explica el exmandatario, la detención llevada acabo hoy “no solo rompe las reglas de asilo y el Derecho internacional, sino la Constitución ecuatoriana”, algo que Correa ha calificado como “inaudito” e “indignante”.
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ACLU | American Civil Liberties Union : comment on Julian Assange Arrest  
(April 11, 2019)

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« Ben Wizner, director of the American Civil Liberties Union’s Speech, Privacy, and Technology Project, issued the following comment in response:

“Any prosecution by the United States of Mr. Assange for Wikileaks’ publishing operations would be unprecedented and unconstitutional, and would open the door to criminal investigations of other news organizations. Moreover, prosecuting a foreign publisher for violating U.S. secrecy laws would set an especially dangerous precedent for U.S. journalists, who routinely violate foreign secrecy laws to deliver information vital to the public’s interest.

In response to the unsealed indictement, Wizner added:

“Criminally prosecuting a publisher for the publication of truthful information would be a first in American history, and unconstitutional. The government did not cross that Rubicon with today’s indictment, but the worst case scenario cannot yet be ruled out. We have no assurance that these are the only charges the government plans to bring against Mr. Assange. Further, while there is no First Amendment right to crack a government password, this indictment characterizes as ‘part of’ a criminal conspiracy the routine and protected activities journalists often engage in as part of their daily jobs, such as encouraging a source to provide more information. Given President Trump’s and his administration’s well-documented attacks on the freedom of the press, such characterizations are especially worrisome.”



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The Martyrdom of Julian Assange –

Chris Hedges

Chris Hedges is a Truthdig columnist, a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, a New York Times best-selling author, a professor in the college degree program offered to New Jersey state prisoners by Rutgers…(more)

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« Under what law did Ecuadorian President Lenin Moreno capriciously terminate Julian Assange’s rights of asylum as a political refugee? Under what law did Moreno authorize British police to enter the Ecuadorian Embassy—diplomatically sanctioned sovereign territory—to arrest a naturalized citizen of Ecuador? Under what law did Prime Minister Theresa May order the British police to grab Assange, who has never committed a crime? Under what law did President Donald Trump demand the extradition of Assange, who is not a U.S. citizen and whose news organization is not based in the United States? »







OUTRA VEZ A CENSURA — A Estátua de Sal (One continues to ask: who or what is making Facebook go against international conventions and law? Whomsoever or whatever entity fueling this should be held accountable and if perchance they be leading the network under false pretence, they ought to obviously be held accountable by it as well.)

Estátua de Sal, 24/02/2019 Mais uma vez este blog foi alvo da censura do Facebook. Tudo o que publiquei aqui recentemente e que tinha sido partilhado na minha página do Facebook foi de lá banido sem qualquer explicação cabal, dizem eles porque “não está de acordo com os padrões da Comunidade” Mas, afinal o que […]

via OUTRA VEZ A CENSURA — A Estátua de Sal


(G.A. – One continues to ask: who or what is making Facebook go against international conventions and law? Whomsoever or whatever entity fueling this should be held accountable and if perchance they be leading the network under false pretence, ought to obviously be held accountable by it as well.
Other than being ridiculous when seeing what is censored, it is unlawful conduct.  I have nothing against Facebook, it is a social media platform as are others,  but this seems too  bizarre not to ask.   Was facebook made by citizens from a country that allegedly has in its own Constitution something known to them as their constitutional ”First Amendment”? If so it will be hard to believe that they’d find it strange at all, and naturally expect them to understand its meaning.  Furthermore, unless they be more ignorant of things than the current President of their country, they’d obviously not be surprised that such is also in the Constitutions of other lands, not to mention international conventions – and law.  Who exactly is it that is thus breaking Law and Legality, one asks?   Or are we kept in the dark so as to make it difficult to hold whomsoever or ”whatever” it is, unaccountable?  If this is so, one must never forget that – sooner or later – TIME has a way of uncovering all deeds. Indeed, even if we’re all killed off, there might still be a whale or dolphin left that will point a fin at the culprit. Goodnight)