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Uma outra visão sobre a greve dos camionistas — A Estátua de Sal

(João de Sousa, 12/08/2019) Ajude a Estátua de Sal. Click aqui A direita nacional, que é uma coisa diferente dos partidos que ela costuma normalmente apoiar, escolheu o PS como mal menor para as próximas eleições. A ideia é tirar a ala esquerda do PS, o BE e o PCP da área do Poder.…

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O PSD, a Justiça e o surpreendente silêncio das esquerdas — A Estátua de Sal (There is a very strange McCarthy-like censorship occurring on the online social media network -Fb, in relation to ”Estátua de Sal”. There is no form of saying the source that is censored thusly invokes any kind of ”Hate” or that it has ever made any call for Hate Crimes of any sort, neither is there any possible excuse of there not being the necessary approval by the authors of the articles published therein. Make no mistake, said authors are legitimate and always published anywhere they please and anywhere that wishes to have them. Portugal is a country that has signed an oath – by international conventions – to uphold Freedom of Speech. There is no possible justification for said censorship that even goes against not only the mentioned International Conventions, but the country’s own constitution as well. I will not stand by and idly watch this go on, in silence, nor the throwing away of such things that at such great cost were made a fundamental right and duty in our constitution. Whomsoever is fueling such undemocratic, unconstitutional, abuse should be held accountable and denounced. No one is sure of the source of said censorship, but it has been going on for the past month. If they are ”fooling” the online social-media giant, they should be held accountable by it as well. |! | Aproveita-se para informar que continua a bizarríssima censura ao espaço do qual fui buscar este artigo. No tempo de Oliveira Salazar e de Franco no país ao lado do nosso o havia. E agora? Que dizer deste curioso regresso da tal mordaça da censura, para mais havendo acordos internacionais subscritos por nós aos quais – como Estado – somos obrigados a cumprir? Não pode haver equivoco possível, é intencional. Há cerca de um mês está patente: Censura, de tudo que seja publicado no Fb pela Estátua de Sal, sem que nela haja qualquer vestígio de quaisquer apelos a quaisquer ódios ou crimes movidos por quaisquer ódios, ou sequer que haja falta de autorização dos próprios autores dos artigos publicados. Sem justificação possível, a não ser que… (que dizer?)

(José Luís S. Curado, 18/02/2019) E concluo com uma interrogação: será que este pobre Titanic da Justiça vai para o fundo sem apelo nem agravo, com gente estranha na ponte, com os solistas da orquestra da esquerda a tocar num estranho uníssono o silêncio das valsas de Strauss? Haverá lealdades que valham tal naufrágio, meus senhores?

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Please, please, please read and sign / Por favor leiam e assinem..

Por favor leiam e, assinem ♥


The following was copied and pasted directly from – HERE
I thank you in advance for reading, and in case you should sign (and I truly hope you do)



Oil exploration threatens narwhals and an entire way of life.

A tiny community is fighting Big Oil, and they need our help.

Off the coast of Clyde River, Nunavut, unspoiled Arctic waters are home to 90% of the world’s narwhals. These whales, with their unique tusks that look like a unicorn’s horn, take up a important role in the aquatic ecosystem. They are also an important food source for the native Inuit people, many of whom must rely on subsistence hunting to survive. But Clyde River, the narwhals, and everyone whose way of life depends on the ocean are in danger.

The Canadian government just granted oil corporations the right to search for drilling sites in the ocean near Clyde River. The environnmental devastation that comes with offshore drilling is bad enough, but the search is worse – these oil companies will use “seismic testing,” setting off huge explosions underwater. Like all whales, narwhals use their hearing to communicate and to find their way safely beneath the Arctic ice. The search for oil will deafen, disorient, and kill any narwhals caught in its path.

Save the narwhals! Sign the petition to stop Big Oil from destroying Arctic habitats.

For generations, big corporations have stripped northern Canada of its natural resources, trampling the rights of native peoples and destroying entire ecosystems for profit. The government has been complicit in this, auctioning off oil and mineral rights to the highest bidder and ignoring the consequences.

The people of Clyde River have had enough. They are standing up to the government and to Big Oil and fighting to protect their home. But there are only 900 people in Clyde River. They need us to stand with them. If we act now, we can stop the oil companies in their tracks before the damage is done.

Sign the petition to the government of Canada, saying NO to Big Oil wrecking the Arctic Ocean. 

More information:

Help Protect Canada’s Arctic from Oil Spills Save the Arctic




(below once again the link to this specific petition below)

Sign the petition to the Canadian government.

Petition Text:






This time I leave a drawing I love made by a grande-niece
(oh how I wish she and other children like her could grow up in a saner world ♥)

"A União Humanitária dos Doentes com Cancro presta consultas de clínica geral gratuitas e abertas a toda a população, todas as quartas-feiras." (from - GUIDA FINE ARTS) - regarding the free medical appointments for treating/discovering Cancer






(♥ for Jonh..)