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Abril / April – 2019

I beg your indulgence as – some images, and videos, may take a moment to become fully visible.
Best Wishes, to whomsoever should come upon this post.




(Red Carnations – By Pomar, image via FB – courtesy of the Júlio Pomar Foundation)




(Psalm: John Coltrane – Fouth movement from ‘A Love Supreme’)





(Ella Fitzgerald, born April 25th – singing April in Paris, via Jazz Corner | FB page)








LINK –  





LINK – 25A40 – O som do cravo | Um concerto em três tempos.





(Bach – choral from – St Mathew Passion | BWV 244 , Harnoncourt – Arnold Schoenberg Chor, Concentus Musicus Wein, Wiener Sangerknaben)



(Bach – Final chorale – St John Passion ”Herr, unser herrscher” (chorus) | Gardener, Monteverdi Choir, The English Baroque Soloists)



(Megaloschemos II | Bulgarian Orthodox Hymn)







(Os vampiros – Zeca Afonso)

(Cantigas do Maio – Zeca Afonso)






(Georges Moustaki – Ma Liberté)

(Zeca Afonso – Redondo Vocàbulo)


Poster - 25th April '74 | Cartaz : O menino do Cravo - fotografia de Sergio Guimarães






(and still, because it is April 25th, and Thursday)


(Tarkovsky Quartet – Nuit blanche)



(Harmónicos – Jorge Peixinho)








(Acordai – Lopes Graça | Lisboa Cantat)