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an old painting of a young pianist at his post, at intermission


Man & his piano – GA  (a lost work, oil on hardboard –  © painting photographed by  M Sande Freire) 


















Sunday, Easter Sunday To Be Specific (before the setting of the moon) / Domingo de Pascoa ao luar das suas (das Suas) primeiras horas




My hand whisking across the horizon

changing its colour


with each breath I have ever taken

dripping unuttered words from every finger

each drop a soliloquy of untangled thoughts

hair in the wind

muttering silences as I stop

Who’s there?

Your tomorrows

All my tomorrows?


Those that live in each step

as you run in and out of each moment’s past.

And the present?

It is a moment that is not surrendered.



Because it is unfathomable.

You can think of the past and the future

but not the present. It is unfathomable.

Within it lie all pasts and possible futures,

and all your living selves that are not always familiar with each other.

You feel you know you exist when each present moment is here, not “there”

and though you feel answers may lie “there” it is here you answer, not there

– and since you know not not ALL the THEREs

you feel the predicament of the present,

each fathomless,



It is the only moment you actually feel when you pinch yourself,

no other,

and you can not bargain what through the grace of existence you do not know.

But that doesn’t mean the present isn’t Whole, it is, Your’s (and Mine) is a fractal of present existance, thus ‘unbargainable’, and That

is the beauty of each fraction of existence, of each present.

It is the present of the Present, and the burden which is also

a present.


It presents itself




(and the more you fathom

the more you know you don’t,

and the more you know you don’t,

the greater the – Present (present) (presence) (presents) …….)


© Guida Almeida

técnica mista s/tela ©




Wishing everyone the best of Holidays – Happy Easter



For Christmas (Que o Natal, e todos os outros dias, vos sorri, vos abrace com força e ternura, que vos traga alegrias)

One should share that which is most precious to them so I shall leave you with… with this
Hoping the holidays and all the other days bring you joy, and that the year to come bring much needed medicines to help heal the insanities in the world.

O que é precioso deve-se partilhar, por isso.. deixo algo do mais valioso que tenho hipótese de deixar.. ♥



























Gabriel José García Márquez

© Guida Almeida



© Guida Almeida









(…)En aquél Macondo olvidado hasta por los pájaros, dónde el polvo y el calor se habían hecho tan tenaces que costaba trabajo respirar, recluidos por la soledad y el amor y por la soledad del amor en una casa dónde era casi imposible dormir por el estruendo de las hormigas coloradas, Aureliano y Amaranta Ursula eran los únicos seres felices, y los más felices sobre la tierra. ”




(…) In that Macondo forgotten even by the birds, where the dust and the heat had become so strong that it was difficult to breathe, secluded by solitude and love and by the solitude of love in a house where it was almost impossible to sleep because of the noise of the red ants, Aureliano, and Amaranta Úrsula were the only happy beings, and the most happy of beings on the face of the earth.




(…)Naquele Macondo esquecido até pelos pássaros, onde o pó e o calor tinham sido tão tenazes que era trabalho difícil respirar, enclausurados pela solidão e pelo amor e pela solidão do amor numa casa onde era quase impossível dormir com o barulho das formigas ruivas, Aureliano e Amaranta Úrsula eram os únicos seres felizes, e mais os mais felizes sobre a terra.








Goodnight sweet angel