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The Cerulean Lining

Between Night and Day, when… – when
the balance between the ”subjective”
and the ”objective” in sight
is at that magical number, and evened;
when one can still feel the protection
of the blue overcoat, an overcoat that
is there
as a smile of a Cheshire cat that begins to reveal what’s inside and out, as the universe
begins to unravel before our eyes still shielded
from a lining
(a cerulean lining – a cloak of stars / a coated moving marble, the moon dancing in between).
It is such a special moment, in an apparent silence
where the spheres begin to hum to another key
(Another key?).





©Written and published elsewhere, by me – August 5, 2016  




Speaking of ”keys”, I’ll leave a Tony Williams gem..
I was searching youtube to just bring one of its tracks, but, it’s hard to choose one.
I don’t usually like to place a full recording, but, he’s no longer with us and it is hard to choose.

Wishing all a wonderful week.





Astraeus unBound


There is an absence of Time when dusk comes upon the soft blue blanket, ebbing ever so gently.
I hear only the surface, a supple murmur,
Coeus is shifting
as I sink into Panthalassa’s ghostly remains.
Nothing remains but the soft whisper
growing louder
as each grain pronounces an astral beat
within a song of the ages.










(© originally published without its title elsewhere, August 25, 2017)


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