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Again …

Portugal (summer of 2019) – ufffffffffffff….. 

(here – a glance at the autumn of 2017 )




Early in this century, somewhere mid its first decade – the blaze was such that …

(I’ll leave the painting.. it’s easier in place of words…)

Gemeos (painting: by G. Almeida)


I wish this painting wouldn’t spring so forcibly to mind, due to events these past summers.
If only our ruling class had a conscious, now wouldn’t that be something?
But, I suppose aiding fire instead of fighting it, is interesting for some reason..
If only I could say that these past governments seem to have no conscience – the present along with the one that governed previously.
(the President is just as much a fool as either, but that is expected of course. Hah! – and the previous Pres. to Mr. Rabelo de Sousa, a Mr. Silva – when he had previously been in office as reigning PM had his ruling class of dingbats, among other major abuses, extinguish the entire force of Forrest Rangers. How’s that for a prelude, eh? )

Apparently we’re all expected to sit like mutton eagerly waiting to be sheared or the slaughter-house.

I was going to place a song by Sting, called ”Lithium Sunset”, to be slightly ironic.
The thing is, whilst the land and its people are so utterly disrespected – indeed held in contempt by said elected officials – while the flames scorch us to kingdom come – (hard not to imagine it pleasing them seeing the sad death count of people, not to mention the death so many animals and the terrain turned to ashes. It’s truly more and more difficult not imagining it pleasing the scoundrels.  Can’t even send them back to Sandbox (an important kindergarten class, tis true)  – because, for sure, they’d  take over surreptitiously (or ostentatiously even, in an apparent flamboyance to convince other kindergarteners of their expertise), sell all the sand and have it turned it into condos. – in no time flat.

No, I’m treating them with too much kindness, I know this, but I don’t wish to word what I’d really like to call them.  Let’s just leave the noun ”scoundrels” as being suffice.



Com a Saúde brinca-se — Aventar

Concorrência, meritocracia, eficiência e outros chavões aparentemente virtuosos foram o cavalo de Tróia que permitiu que os privados deitassem a mão a áreas essenciais da sociedade, como a Saúde ou a Educação. 177 more words

via Com a Saúde brinca-se — Aventar


O sonso e a lei — Aventar

Nuno Veiga/LUSA A argumentação – acompanhada por uma ameaça de veto – com que o presidente da República pretende sustentar a sua exigência de uma Lei de Bases da Saúde à medida dos seus desejos, é um rosário de falácias e equívocos. 1- As leis em que se tem fundado o Serviço Nacional de Saúde…

via O sonso e a lei — Aventar

Please, please, please read and sign / Por favor leiam e assinem..

Por favor leiam e, assinem ♥


The following was copied and pasted directly from – HERE
I thank you in advance for reading, and in case you should sign (and I truly hope you do)



Oil exploration threatens narwhals and an entire way of life.

A tiny community is fighting Big Oil, and they need our help.

Off the coast of Clyde River, Nunavut, unspoiled Arctic waters are home to 90% of the world’s narwhals. These whales, with their unique tusks that look like a unicorn’s horn, take up a important role in the aquatic ecosystem. They are also an important food source for the native Inuit people, many of whom must rely on subsistence hunting to survive. But Clyde River, the narwhals, and everyone whose way of life depends on the ocean are in danger.

The Canadian government just granted oil corporations the right to search for drilling sites in the ocean near Clyde River. The environnmental devastation that comes with offshore drilling is bad enough, but the search is worse – these oil companies will use “seismic testing,” setting off huge explosions underwater. Like all whales, narwhals use their hearing to communicate and to find their way safely beneath the Arctic ice. The search for oil will deafen, disorient, and kill any narwhals caught in its path.

Save the narwhals! Sign the petition to stop Big Oil from destroying Arctic habitats.

For generations, big corporations have stripped northern Canada of its natural resources, trampling the rights of native peoples and destroying entire ecosystems for profit. The government has been complicit in this, auctioning off oil and mineral rights to the highest bidder and ignoring the consequences.

The people of Clyde River have had enough. They are standing up to the government and to Big Oil and fighting to protect their home. But there are only 900 people in Clyde River. They need us to stand with them. If we act now, we can stop the oil companies in their tracks before the damage is done.

Sign the petition to the government of Canada, saying NO to Big Oil wrecking the Arctic Ocean. 

More information:

Help Protect Canada’s Arctic from Oil Spills Save the Arctic




(below once again the link to this specific petition below)

Sign the petition to the Canadian government.

Petition Text:






This time I leave a drawing I love made by a grande-niece
(oh how I wish she and other children like her could grow up in a saner world ♥)

"A União Humanitária dos Doentes com Cancro presta consultas de clínica geral gratuitas e abertas a toda a população, todas as quartas-feiras." (from - GUIDA FINE ARTS) - regarding the free medical appointments for treating/discovering Cancer






(♥ for Jonh..)













“A União Humanitária dos Doentes com Cancro presta consultas de clínica geral gratuitas e abertas a toda a população, todas as quartas-feiras.” (from – GUIDA FINE ARTS) – regarding the free medical appointments for treating/discovering Cancer

Below was  copied and pasted from the original post @
(retirado daqui)


Quarta-feira, 14 de Março de 2012

“A União Humanitária dos Doentes com Cancro presta consultas de clínica geral gratuitas e abertas a toda a população, todas as quartas-feiras.”

(EN) The following message in Portuguese is regarding the free medical appointments for treating/discovering cancer in anyone. It is for the general public at large and concerns public health & well being. Please help by disseminating the message.


Tomei conhecimento desta mensagem graças à página de uma amiga na rede social “facebook”
(Emiliana Silva)

«*Consultas gratuitas de clínica geral*
*Exmo(a). Senhor(a)*,**
A União Humanitária dos Doentes com Cancro presta consultas de clínica geral gratuitas e abertas a toda a população, todas as quartas-feiras.
Conscientes de que o êxito desta valência depende unicamente da sua divulgação, de modo a que todos os doentes tenham conhecimento e assim
oportunidade de beneficiar deste apoio, face aos nossos escassos meios (pois todos os apoios que a União presta são inteiramente gratuitos),
vimos pelo presente apelar à sua solidariedade e desde já muito agradecer:· *A divulgação desta notícia por todas as pessoas do seu conhecimento, familiares e amigos.*

· *O reenvio deste e-mail para todos os seus contactos pessoais, com o objectivo de que, mediante uma grande rede de solidariedade na Internet, esta notícia chegue ao conhecimento de toda a população.


Para um completo conhecimento da União Humanitária dos Doentes com Cancro, muito agradecemos a visita ao nosso site, em, um site completo e interactivo, com toda a informação sobre os apoios gratuitos a doentes com cancro e seus familiares, o cancro, a legislação, o tabagismo e as últimas notícias de âmbito oncológico.


Colabore com a União nesta nobre causa. O cancro, pela sua dimensão – a segunda causa de morte no nosso país e a primeira no grupo etário entre os 35 e os 64 anos – é uma doença e uma problemática que a todos diz respeito e que só poderá ser vencido com a mobilização de toda a sociedade.

Gratos pela sua solidariedade, subscrevemo-nos com estima e elevada consideração,

Luís Filipe Soares

*União Humanitária dos Doentes com Cancro*

Presidente da Direcção

Tel.: 213940302»



For absolutely no other reason other than this object/image being very dear to me, I share it – From my grandniece Jessica

oh, ok.. ok… it’s true, it makes this “web space” of mine much prettier 🙂



HaVE   a  nice  day & thank you for reading
G. A.