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( Guida Almeida | above photograph taken by  Alice Valente Alves )

Inner Island

of course it is mine…
that island lodged deep within my breast where longing unspoiled, thoughts fathomless and drunk from utterance,

where the constant wedlock between me
…and that which I think I am
sees you

instantly becoming enamoured, transformed,
forever changing to be the same,

I find sustenance,
ultimate liberty and imprisonment,
“Technologies of Punishment”
holding fast to each and every breath parting from lips
now aquamarine from translating Circe’s spell..






(text: Feb. 2011 G. Almeida | aka: Margarida | aka: Maria MFA Costa)


- I was to give this to the man who enspired it, but my mom insisted on having it - ♥ with his blessing

Bailarinos – Tinta da china s/papel – A3 (42cm x 30cm)