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When you’re seven and you see your eighteen year old big sis dancing, all you know is you want to pick up your feet and shake yourself all about with her.

I am awfully terrible at good-byes, worse when I’m thousands of miles away and not able to have held her hand…
The above are what I first recall dancing next to her.

Even when I’d get huffy and puffy, she could always lure me in and ask to smell a little cream pastry tart (pastel de nata), and of course seconds later I’d be wearing it on my pitiful nose  (worst of all, as I knew she’d probably prank me, I would say so, but, she’d always get her way nonetheless) and I’d just stare back at her – all icky – with a Garfield (cat) Monday Morning expression on my face.   Many years later, the pleasure I felt being able to out wit her and have her end up taking wads of ripened cantaloupe out of her bra is still warm in my memory.

I do miss her – though I do know she’ll always be with us.

I leave this post, with love, for the brother that was with her, her loving husband and kids.., our eldest brother and..
(and yes, it is hard to withhold news from the 89 year old parent that is still around, but she doesn’t read my blog, and I cannot keep from writing this passage).

Love is a forever ”thing”







In loving memory – For my Big Sis


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