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Again …

Portugal (summer of 2019) – ufffffffffffff….. 

(here – a glance at the autumn of 2017 )




Early in this century, somewhere mid its first decade – the blaze was such that …

(I’ll leave the painting.. it’s easier in place of words…)

Gemeos (painting: by G. Almeida)


I wish this painting wouldn’t spring so forcibly to mind, due to events these past summers.
If only our ruling class had a conscious, now wouldn’t that be something?
But, I suppose aiding fire instead of fighting it, is interesting for some reason..
If only I could say that these past governments seem to have no conscience – the present along with the one that governed previously.
(the President is just as much a fool as either, but that is expected of course. Hah! – and the previous Pres. to Mr. Rabelo de Sousa, a Mr. Silva – when he had previously been in office as reigning PM had his ruling class of dingbats, among other major abuses, extinguish the entire force of Forrest Rangers. How’s that for a prelude, eh? )

Apparently we’re all expected to sit like mutton eagerly waiting to be sheared or the slaughter-house.

I was going to place a song by Sting, called ”Lithium Sunset”, to be slightly ironic.
The thing is, whilst the land and its people are so utterly disrespected – indeed held in contempt by said elected officials – while the flames scorch us to kingdom come – (hard not to imagine it pleasing them seeing the sad death count of people, not to mention the death so many animals and the terrain turned to ashes. It’s truly more and more difficult not imagining it pleasing the scoundrels.  Can’t even send them back to Sandbox (an important kindergarten class, tis true)  – because, for sure, they’d  take over surreptitiously (or ostentatiously even, in an apparent flamboyance to convince other kindergarteners of their expertise), sell all the sand and have it turned it into condos. – in no time flat.

No, I’m treating them with too much kindness, I know this, but I don’t wish to word what I’d really like to call them.  Let’s just leave the noun ”scoundrels” as being suffice.

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