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A moment (a fleeting moment, a poetic cadence, a moment)




There’s something rather poetic and difficult to describe when you chance upon opening an account you have on a social media network, and come across a piece you rarely hear performed (it’s a lovely piece, by composer: Francisco Lacerda).  It starts to play  and suddenly before your eyes appears something else.  As you look you inequivocally, and instantly feel yourself identify with the youngling, saying – ”Aw, the same as me with my dog”) – but, what you’re listening to takes you a such step beyond that,  it takes you a moment to fathom that chance poetic cadence, laced betwixt sight and sound, before you.
And thus you sit, enthralled, in a state of warm wonderment, beyond words and explanation.








(the above ”clip” may take a moment to load and be visible)















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